Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nursery Talk

Wow, it has been a crazy week since I last updated! I had one of my awesome BFF's from home come up for a visit. She brought her 2 and 4 year old boys with her, so it was definitely a house full crazy of boys. The trip unfortunately included one of them getting hurt and heading to the ER for a few stitches, but we managed to get through it and have an amazing visit anyway. Lots of pictures to come soon.

Now on to the nursery talk.

I have no idea what happened to me over the last week, but I have entered into full "get ready for baby" mode. Baby bedding is all I can think about these days. If it wasn't for all of our summer company I would go ahead and set up the crib now. However, my family and Mike's family will be coming up alot this summer so we are going to need both guest rooms for a while. That has definitely not stopped me from mentally decorating though.

So here is what I have decided on.

With London, we went all out and got him this nautical theme bedding set . Very few things from the set were ever used. We don't use regular bumpers, we use these Breathable Bumpers instead. We never used the quilt, wall hangings, diaper sack, or toy organizer. Basically I just used the sheet, bed skirt, and window valances. All of which I could have bought separately for about $50. So this time I have decided to do just that. This time, I am spending my money on cute curtains, changing pad cover, and bed skirt. Then the rest of the room will be more plain functional pieces. It works out great with the bedding I chose too, the pattern is rather busy so it needs some plain pieces to balance it out.

I knew I wanted to do a Zoo theme for Holden's room, but I couldn't really find a pattern that I loved, until  I stumbled across this cute one DwellStudio® for Target® Menagerie 3pc Baby Bedding Set . I loved the pattern but the colors were just kinda pukey, so I moved on. A few days later while wondering around the baby section at Target (everyone does this right?), I came across this bedding. The colors are freaking ADORABLE in person. Much more vibrant, and much less like throw up. HAHAHA!

Here is the picture that Target uses on the website...

And here are a few pics I found on Ebay that show the colors a little better. 

I am so excited about this set now!! 

Oh and the best part, last night the window panels went on sale for only $16.99 each WOOHOOO!! Unfortunately Holden's room has 3 windows but since I'm not buying a whole bedding set, $51 for curtains is not too bad. 

I also figured out the letters I am going to make for above his bed.
 I'm really excited to make these to match his bedding. 

I got the idea from a SUPER CUTE ETSY STORE that makes them for only $12 a letter. Since I made London's letters I figured it would only be right if I made Holden's too. 

See I told you I have been obsessing about the nursery recently. 

I also decided to start a registry at Target. More as a list of things I want for myself instead of an actual registry. This is my second boy in under 3 years so I definitely won't be having a shower. I can't really justify saying..."Yeah, I know you bought me a bunch a baby boy stuff 2 years ago, but come to another shower and buy me more."  But registries are way too much fun to pass up, so I started a small one for myself. Any reviews of stuff I registered for that you hate? 

Well that is enough from me for now. I'll update sometime this week with my 20 week belly pic! I have really popped recently so I actually have something to show now. 


Jacksmom said...

Love the letters and bedding set. Looked at the registry and the only thing i can say hated was the swaddle-me things. I thought they were a great idea initially, but unless your baby is at just the right size where it is actually tightly swaddling them, it is just too loose to do its job.

Miss Mac said...

That's a great set and I like the colors. This will be our first so I don't even know what we need but my mom bought a pacifier thermometer from Target and I thought that was really neat. Have fun with the nursery planning/decorating!!!

Kat said...

Aw I love it! It looks so sweet!!!!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Very cute! I love it! We are doing a nautical theme for our twin boys room. I just ordered the bedding today! I'm totally obsessing about putting it all together as well! Nesting has truely kicked in!

Unknown said...

Very cute! I too bypassed the entire bedding set and just had sheets custom made for Dayne's crib. We do need to buy the breathable bumpers too - he's waking up crying because his legs are stuck.

I love the pattern you chose - very cute!! And those letters are adorable! said...

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