Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 6 of captivity... I mean, bedrest.

I have officially been on bedrest for 6 days now. This is SOOOOOO much harder to do with a toddler. London can not understand why his mom has gotten so lazy recently.

Here is a quick review of the last 6 days.

Day one after my 20 week u/s) I kind of enjoyed bedrest on this day. I was really enjoying being waited on hand and foot. Not having to jump up every 20 seconds to get London juice, cheetos, yogurt, fruit, etc... Instead I just laid back relaxed and told him to ask Daddy.

Day 2) I woke up excited about what the day would bring, but then realized all it would bring was a couch.

Day 3) This isn't fun anymore. My butt, hips, and back is starting to hurt from sitting/laying  23.75 hours a day (I am allowed to get up to use the bathroom and shower).

Day 4) I had a bit of an attitude problem on this day. "No, I don't want you make me anything to eat. I want to make my own Da** PB and  f****** J sandwich." Mike left to go out of town for the week and my mom, the bedrest warden, came into town to baby sit me (and London). She yelled at me one time for getting up to take my medicine. I know she is right, but wow this sucks not being able to do anything for myself.

Day 5)  OMG, this is horrible. At least when I was pregnant with  London and on bedrest, I could lounge in bed all day without having to feel bad about not entertaining my child. I have horrible mommy guilt because he is so bored all the time. PBS is our best friend these days. Sad, but true.

Day 6) Countdown to my appointment tomorrow has started. T minus 23 hours and I am HOPEFULLY released from full bedrest and just put on some form of modified bedrest/just take it easy. It all depends on how my cervix looks tomorrow. Fingers crossed it has lengthened.

This is so much harder this time around!


Jacksmom said...

That sounds awful. I feel like I have neglected Jack just because I feel so miserable. Hang in there, praying for you to get modified tomorrow!

ADSchill said...

Sorry! That sounds horrible! I would go crazy!

Hope there is some good news ahead for you.

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