Wednesday, July 20, 2011

24 Weeks and Food!

Well I did it! I reached our first goal in this pregnancy. Does anyone else find it really depressing that a mere 24 weeks, when your child only has a 50% chance of surviving outside the womb, is considered a milestone? Sadly for so many women, like myself, we celebrate 24 weeks. Noone wants a 24 weeker...NOONE!! There are a few women out there who wish they could have made it to 24 weeks so their baby(ies) could have had a fighting chance at life beyond the womb. I promise you those same women would have given anything to have nice plump full term 40 weekers instead.

But here we are at 24 weeks celebrating none the less. What am I going to do to celebrate today? Probably the same thing I do everyday...EAT!!

OMG, I am so hungry these days. For the last 2 weeks I have been eating nonstop. And I don't mean healthy eating, I mean eating CRAP.  I will admit to no fewer than 3 trips to Mcdonalds over the last few weeks where my order consisted of a Bigmac and large fries. I however will not admit on my public blog that after eating everything in bag, and I'm talking EVERY SINGLE FRY, that I was still hungry.  I have also been craving chicken fingers and fried okra from Church's chicken. So I may have made a few trips there too. DON'T JUDGE ME!!! :)

I really need to start eating better, not just for the sake of my weight in a few months, but mainly for Baby Holden.  Anyone have some good recipes they want to share? They don't have to be low fat or low carb or anything. Just something that is delicious and contains a veggie or two that is not fried. Big points if Mike will eat it too :)

On a different note, I won a few giveaways recently. WOOHOOO!! I guess bedrest is paying off.

I won a set of these super cute wooden blocks from Katie Bug Custom Creations. How stinking cute are these?! They would make a great engagement/wedding present. Go check out her etsy shop!

Oh and just so you know the winners of my most recent giveaways were...
What to Expect Book:
Heather S
(has not responded to the email I sent so email me or I'm gonna have to pick a new winner)

And the winner of the $20 paypal cash:
PCOSChick (claimed)

Congrats to the winners!


Unknown said...

Backed sweet potato fries. Saw a recipe in this months BH&G magazine.

Heather said...

If I am the Heather S. that you are talking about I have not recieved an email from you. Not sure why. I checked all of my email accounts and I got nothing.
email me at or

Ashley said...

Congrats on making it to 24 weeks! It does feel great to be past that first milestone. Do not feel bad about the mcdonalds trips.. I've had my fair share as well.

Erin said...

Yay 24 weeks!!!

mary said...

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