Friday, April 1, 2011

New Blog Friday- Christina

This week I am featuring Christina from over at Mrs. O's Life. Here is a message from from her:

First off I want to start off by thanking Aly for allowing my blog to be featured on New Blog Friday.  I love it when other bloggers help other bloggers out.  I wish it was that way in life for all things... people just helping people just cause.  So thanks so much Aly for creating New Blog Friday.

Okay now first things first my name is ChristinA <--- notice the A [not normally capitalized lol].  It seems to be a running joke with me cause I often find myself [at times] correcting people when they call me Christine... I know bad right lol
Well, I am the blogger behind Mrs. O's life, which is about my adventures with Faith, PCOS, TTC and being a military wife.

Okay now to be serious... or as serious as I can be at times.  I married my high school sweetheart in 2002. We started TTC January 2003, but a few months later
I was diagnosed with PCOS, and since then have had my fair share of ups and downs which include [but not limited to]: being told I have cancer [to I don't], being told I'd never have children [to having two miscarriages]... after six years of trying, weight fluctuating up and down [most I saw was 298lbs], facial hair growth, dark patches due to insulin, mood swings, feeling like I lost my femininity, having no one understand me, being told it was all in my head... blah blah blah.  And all this while being [or sometimes trying to be] a military wife, which has it's own set of disfunction's at times.
However, after many years of getting no where with doctors, trying fertility drugs, trying other drugs, being poked more times than a lab rat I wanted my life back.  And for many reasons too... I wanted to feel like the person I use to before PCOS moved in and took over.
I am tired of not feeling like a female, feeling less than human, feeling like no one understood me... and more than anything I want to be in the moms club.  After all I swear every where I look ladies are getting pregnant and on top of that it seems to fit in to the military wives club [for some wives] I needed to be a mom... and not just a mom to two angels in heaven.
I use to be the girl who's smile brightened a room, who laughed more often than not, who loved life, who thrived on helping others, who's beauty was not valued by what the outside showed, but by what the inside radiated out [the God in me]... there was more to me than facial hair, mood swings, and feeling like a nobody.
More than anything I wanted to be me again... a better and more improved version of me too.
So I joined the world of blogging to share my adventures, which  are little crazy at times as I try to conceive naturally coupled with faith all while keeping my sanity about me as I strive to be the wife my military man deserves.

Also, just to give you an idea of where I am at in my blogging... I finally had my cycle start last month [thank you God and thank you vitex].  So now I am waiting and hoping this cycle ends with a BFP :)  Hoping and praying.

I suppose I should wrap it up, but I hope you will stop by my blog and say hi cause I love meeting other bloggers and following their blogs. 

Many hugs to all... and for those TTC I wish you tons of baby dust. 

Go visit Christin a's blog and show her some blog love by commenting and/or becoming a follower. 


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