Friday, January 30, 2009

Maternity Photos

While I was down in Savannah, my AWESOME friend Ashley Baumann (who happens to be an AMAZING photographer)took some maternity shots of me. He are just a few that she sent me today. More are to follow. If you are down in Savannah, PLEASE visit her website, she is super talented and does really great work! Thanks again Argh :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our First Baby Shower

So this past weekend, we drove down to Savannah to have our first baby shower. It was AWESOME!! We were completely spoiled. We got almost all of our big stuff, including car seat, stroller, pack-n-play, swing, and papasan. But we also got a TON of clothes, bottles, and so much more. So many people showed up and they all were extremely good to us. You should have seen Mikes eyes when he came to load up the car. We had the back of our explorer completely full on our way back home. Here are some pictures from the day...

The Hostesses (well, minus Jamie and Mrs B): Ashley, Me, Biz, and Jocelyn (oh and Mr. Grady)
Me and Biz, she is only 2 weeks behind me but WOW she is tiny.

The Loot: The Party:

Officer Dribble:
Jonnie "explaining" her card to me:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

At least I'm not TOTALLY broken.

So today I had my weekly Dr appt with Dr E. Everything seems to be going well except for the fact that my jaw has locked up, I can only open my mouth about 2 inches. Eating even a sandwich has become impossible. It happened about 10 days ago, but I kept thinking it would go away on its own. I asked Dr E about it today, thinking it was maybe a side effect of my meds or even pregnancy itself. He said that there is really nothing he can do for it, but it sounds like it happened because while your pregnant all of your joints and ligaments loosen and it may have just slipped out of joint. He said lets just "wait and see" if it goes away on its own.

So while ALMOST every part of my body is broken, there is one working part. I passed my glucose test!! So I DON'T have gestational diabetes. WOOOHOOO! Just when I thought this entire pregnancy was cursed by Murphy's Law, something FINALLY went right.