Pregnant Teenagers Need Your Active Support

Pregnant Teenagers Need Your Active Support

Your teenager just gave you breaking news that will, undoubtedly, change the course of life as you know it. Regardless of the real or imagined challenges that present themselves when your young daughter or young son advises you that a baby is on the way, first things must come first. Your well-thought-out priorities must be established from the start. You should allow yourself to feel what you feel-be it shock, disappointment, anger, frustration, or guilt. However, now is not the time to give a voice to your emotional rollercoaster ride. It is normal to feel guilty about what you feel that you, personally, could have done to stop the pregnancy from happening. Realistically, it is time to embody everything that a parent is. It is time to show your support for your pregnant child. The role that you must play goes a long way in supporting pregnancy and helping your teenage daughter during this journey of her pregnancy. Let your pregnant daughter know that you are there to support her. Your words and actions should align. As a parent, you must never lose sight of your supportive assignment.

Doctor and Prenatal Care

It is vital to get medical attention for your pregnant child. This is needed in order to get a verification of the pregnancy. It is, also, important that a medical assessment be made regarding the overall health of your pregnant teen. Additionally, if your pregnant daughter is a smoker or a user of recreational drugs, or even if prescribed drugs are being used, a medical expert can discuss the dangers for her and her unborn child. Any necessary referrals can be available at that time. Your pregnant teen can be provided with the name and telephone numbers of area organizations and appropriate hotline numbers. It is essential that your pregnant child understand that help is available to ensure the physical health of both her unborn child and herself.

Concerns of the Mother-to-Be

Now that the pregnancy has been verified, it is a good time to discuss any concerns or fears that your pregnant teen has. It is time to have a conversation with your daughter regarding her true feelings about her situation and about her hopes and dreams for her future. Her fears may be connected to an anticipated reaction from her family, friends, schoolmates, and associates. Now is a good time to ask your child productive questions to show your support and to gauge how you can help during this time. As you listen to your pregnant child, do not give her unwarranted advice. Instead, it is a good opportunity to express your confidence in her ability to make worthwhile decisions. If your son is a dad, then it is vital to encourage him. Keep in mind that your input can impact how and to what degree that he encourages the mother of his child.

Safety Concerns For A Pregnant Teenager

It is important to discuss any safety concerns that your pregnant teen may have. Young parents can experience anxiety and even anger. This can result in situations accompanied by violent acts. Another role of being a supportive parent is to keep an eye on your pregnant teen. If you observe any signs of violent behavior-from any source-remind her that assistance is, only, a phone call away. If in-person counseling is not possible, let your child know that there are online options at her disposal and yours.

Pregnancy Nutrition and Health Issues

Another essential role as a supportive parent is to provide your pregnant teen with tools so that she can educate herself regarding the benefits of a healthy food regimen. An increased level of body awareness can occur with pregnant your teen that can be managed by conversations with her physician. Neither dieting nor a strenuous exercise program should be initiated during the pregnancy.

A healthy diet that is composed of nutritious meals does not just, magically, happen once a teen pregnancy has occurred. This is a good opportunity for you to share your favorite healthy menus. Cooking together with your pregnant teen can create a valuable and lasting bonding experience. You can construct a plan for regular shopping together as you encourage her to budget. You can suggest a dietitian that can assist with educating your young mother-to-be if necessary. You can take time out to search out area community programs and financial resources if additional assistance is required.

Pregnancy Assistance From Local Schools

Another facet of your role as a supportive parent is to encourage your pregnant teen to ask for help from the school where she, currently, attends. You can support this effort. Help her to make a plan to inquire if there are area schools available to assist pregnant teens who want to complete their educational goals. You can, also, advise your daughter to schedule and keep an appointment with her school counselor to discuss relevant information and referrals.

Additionally, it is ok to get excited about the prospect of being a grandparent. Now is a good time to consider the fact that when your daughter’s baby is born, you, instantly, become a grandparent. Take time out to consider what kind of grandparent that you want to be. Now is a great time to decide what role you are committed to playing as you support your daughter in raising your grandchild.

Continue to investigate and follow up on services that become available to assist your pregnant teen. It is good to remember that your young pregnant teen, especially if she is under 19 years old, is a fragile being. She requires a little extra care. During the course of the pregnancy, your daughter will continue to need your support and, afterward, with parenting. Also, you should keep in mind that the pregnant state of your teen does not stop the growing process of her body. As a result, the normal impact of the teenage emotional rollercoaster continues along with the pregnancy.

Finally, keep in mind that although your support is needed during this critical time in the life of your child, you do not have to go through this process alone. Remember to take full advantage of all resources that are available to support both you and your child. You should remain involved in the process of investigating programs in your area that are designed to assist pregnant teensand their family members. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to support a thriving teenage pregnancy.

Parent Pregnancy Checklist

1. Keep a list of numbers on hand for pregnancy support for your young mother-to-be.
2. Develop a flexible schedule with your child for getting important things done.
3. Investigate benefits that are available to your pregnant teen, before, during, and after the birth.
4. Keep a calendar of all physician appointments.
5. Encourage your child to share her appointment calendar with her school.
6. Keep a list of emergency numbers that are easily accessible to your child.
7. Keep a list of numbers of available parent support options for yourself.
8. Never assume anything. Ask questions.