Thursday, January 20, 2011

Special Delivery!

Today, I got a very special delivery!! 

There were definitely not as many as I expected. I had a TON more the first time I did IVF. 
There were still alot of them though.

London wanted in on the fun!

Helping mommy put them away. 

So I noticed a few things were missing this time. At the risk of sounding like a drug addict, WHERE IS MY FREAKING PERCOCET??? When I did IVF #1, I had like 10 Percocet for the 2 days after egg retrieval (aka: ER). I didn't use them all, but wow I needed them. I was hurting and basically they just helped me sleep all day. Did you gal's get some pain meds for after ER? That box contained pretty much everything, including my ONE Valium. Really ONE Valium? The first time, I had three. One for the night before the ER to help me sleep and then two for the day of the transfer. This time only ONE! Whatever.

I can already tell you, I am going to have a REALLY hard time keeping myself from comparing this cycle to the last. It's a totally different Dr this time so I know she is going to do things differently. But It's just hard for me. Dr P (my old RE) gave me London. He must have done SOMETHING right. So every time my new RE does something differently, I lose a little faith. UGH!

T minus 7 days until I start my LUPRON!!!! Hummm, I'm pretty sure Lupron does NOT deserve that many exclamations points. It actually sucks so bad I should have given it negative exclamation marks. Maybe a little something like this. Lupron (-!!!!!!!) Regardless, I'm just excited to finally be starting my new cycle! EEEKKKK!!!

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Cherished Events said...

LOL....I remember drug arrival day very well. Best of luck to you!! Love your blog, brings back so many memories.

Aubrey said...

I wonder if they're being stingy about Valium/Percocet because of all the people who get hooked/abuse it... I feel like doctors used to give my Percocet post-procedure all the time, but now they're like, "Ibuprofen!!!"

Erin said...

Medications mean it is really happening!!!! I totally understand comparing the two IVFs. I think I would feel the same way.

Jacksmom said...

I'm so jealous you have your meds already!!! I don't, but I am anxiously awaiting them! That said, I didn't take anything for pain after the ER (I woke up from anesthesia in tons of pain, but they gave me some toradol or dilaudid IV before I left and I was good to go). I also didn't get anything before ET. To be honest, I could have used valium before ER the first go around. It's hard not to compare cycles I think. Heck, read my blog, I'm already comparing and it's part of what is driving me batty. I compare my first two cycles all of the time, and I'm glad I sort of know what I'm getting into this time around, but I'm also scared because I think every cycle is just different. You get older, so do your eggs, your body, it's just the unknown that creeps me the hell out!!!

Bridget said...

Yay for IF drugs!! Good luck with the Lupron- ugh.

AP said...

Please tell me you are going to frame the photo with London and title it, "London meeting his little brother/sister for the first time!"

Awise said...

I didn't get any Percocet or Valium for my procedures. I don't think my clinic is very giving with any of these kinds of drugs. Congrats on your delivery =)

Egg Donation Mom said...

Good luck with your IF treatments! Keep us posted.

Julia said...

WOW. That's a LOT of medications!

The Gimlins said...

Hooray! You're getting closer and closer.

I remember I got quite a bit of Hydrocodone for after my ER, and I didn't end up needing nearly the amount they gave me. I did not, however, get any Valium. Although maybe they gave it to me in my IV prior to ER and I just don't recall.

Rochelle said...

Exciting! It's getting so close!

Annie said...

Congrats on getting your big box of drugs! All I got for pain was one Valium each cycle. It was sufficient for IVF #2, but not for #1. Hope this cycle goes easy on you so you won't need much.

Kim said...

Hi. I gave you an award. Please head to my blog to learnabout it.Thank you for allowing me to follow your journey. :)

My Hopeful Journey said...

This symbolizes so much hope to come! Good luck to you... Is this a new layout? I LOVE it!!!

Krissi said...

London is so cute! I remember when my daughter was oh so curious and tugged on my leg one evening during a PIO shot in the butt...I wondered if she'd ever remember that!
Have you finished the book So Close? I'm doing a review later today! And I also mentioned your giveaway on my recent post! Happy ICLW!

Ashley said...

You got 3 valiums the first time?!? Wow! I'm jealous. :) I only got one each fresh cycle and I was thinking "I could really use more than one of these!!" How drug addict-y does that make me sound. But yah one the night before would have been nice for the nerves.

Tiffany said...

My jaw just dropped so fast that I could hear it creak.

We were fortunate in that my mystery issues resolved themselves before the drug stage (well, I have been on Lupron before, but not for fertility issues). I had no clue that you have to self-administer so many injections. Oh my.

Good luck!

(Visiting from ICLW)

amiracle4us said...

I didn't get perc OR valium with my first round of IVF. Luckily, I had perc at home due to my endo which I used the day of ER. This round, I did get valium, though it only helped calm me for the bad news!! Wishing you luck :)

Kakunaa said...

That box is HUGE! I didn't get ANY fun drugs for retrieval or transfer. Good luck! Oh! And for negative exclamation points, what about using the Spanish upside-down ones? Hmmmm, it would require some keyboard research.

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