Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NT Scan

As you can tell by the title of this post, I had my NT Scan today. Both babies looked FABULOUS!!! They were kicking each other and doing flips. Pretty typical stuff for our family, so I am sure they will fit in really well around our house. :)

The ultrasound tech was really cranky an refused to take a peak between their legs. It would be just for fun since I definitely wouldn't trust a gender determination at 13 weeks, but she said no. She wasn't my usual lady though, so I didn't argue. At the end of the u/s she said "Well I didn't look between their legs, but I didn't see any penises flying around" HAHA! No worries though, we will be having another ultrasound on May 30th. As long as the babies cooperate we will be finding out their genders then.

A few questions I have gotten in my comments recently....what do I THINK the babies are? 2 boys. Because since I have 2 boys already it's hard to imagine actually adding a girl to this family.

What do we want? 2 healthy babies, but then again EVERYONE wants that. So if I got to choose I would pick, one boy and one girl. My logic...I don't want Holden to ever feel like the lost middle child. Can you even imagine if it's twin girls how he might feel lost in the cute twin baby girl craze. If it's a boy and girl, then Holden and the boy will be more like the twins growing up. IDK, that is just my totally crazy lady ramblings right now.


Here are our BABIES at 13 weeks!!
Baby A
 Baby B


Heather said...

They look perfect! I think you are going to have at least one girl, but I can't wait to hear the official results!

Candice said...

So excited to find out their gender!! Gahh! They look so cute already!!!

Coco said...

LOL. No penises flapping around, eh? :) Can't wait to find out gender!!!

Mrs. H said...

They look adorable!

SG to SP said...

Well if it is two girls you can always look at it as Holden will always be the youngest boy rather than the middle child so that would still be his special distinction. I have two older brothers which was tough growing up and feeling left out a lot so I kinda hope it's two girls then they each have a playmate of the same gender! Glad they are looking healthy.

Jules said...

You got some great shots of them! Congrats on a great NT scan -- isn't it a relief? :)

Crazy Twin Momma said...

I'm partial to B/G twins myself but any combination will have their own unique interactions. So much fun!

Emms said...

Awe they are looking so good!

Maria said...
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Jane said...

Wao .. they looks so clear .

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