Thursday, November 12, 2009

Better late than never!

It seems that I always start these entries off by stating how "busy" we have been. Well because I would hate to start changing things on all of you readers now.

Wow, things have been really busy recently, and that has never been more true than it has been in the last few weeks.

Over the last few weeks I took London on his first flight (by myself). We spent 5 days at my in-laws house. Left London overnight for the very first time. We went to one of the hubs best friends wedding. Drove 7 hours home with London. London's first Halloween. Needless to say, it was EXHAUSTING!

The flight went really well. I was alot more nervous than I needed to be. However walking on to a full plane with a 7 month old can be rather overwhelming. London did great he didn't cry at all. Instead he just sat there and smiled and laughed at everyone around us. I couldn't have asked for him to be any better than he was.

Once we got to NC Erin and her adorable little girl picked us up and took us to my in-laws house. It was great to see then, and for London to get to spend so much time with them. He loved his Abuela and Juanito.

The wedding was awesome. We had alot of fun being "childless" for a night. I am not going to lie though, I think I had more separation anxiety than London did. I must have called about 10 times to check on him. But, of course everything was fine.

The road trip back consisted of me doing pretty much everything I said I would never do with London. I not only gave him a lollipop to keep him entertained but I also bought a portable DVD player and played Baby Einstein movies for him the whole way back. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Halloween was alot of fun. My entire family was in town, so that made for a good time. We also had our good friends Matt and Sierra over to watch the Georgia/Florida. London dressed up as a Dragon this year, however it was raining so we didn't do any trick or treating.

As always here are some pictures.
Halloween Sugar High

Halloween Sugar LOW.
Darth London looks like he is about to take off his Daddy's head with his light saber. (It's actually just a huge glow stick)
His favorite food these days...Pickles!

London the Dragon
The infamous blowpop! He loved it!!
London learning how to play video games with his Grandpa Juanito
Such a big boy at 8 months old.


Erin said...

OMG Baby Einstein! I am going to call Family Services on you!! Hahaha! I can't even imagine what I am going to be doing to keep our girl quiet while we are on our trek out west.

Chandra said...

Pretty funny how it's easy to say "I'll never XYZ" and then K'BAM, there ya go....! :) That's a great costume!!

Katie said...

such a cutie and he's getting so big!

corkyshell said...

He is getting so big!! Thanks for sharing pictures :) ANd it does sound like a busy couple of weeks!

Heather said...

Why is my child the only one who does NOT like Baby Einstein?? We have to stick with Dora, Elmo, and Wheel of Fortune! haha

London is so cute in his costume!

Jenn said...

He's getting so big!

Great pics Aly and he's gorgeous! I'm really happy for you :)

Stephanie said...

He's absolutely adorable! Love that costume!

Lora said...

I am here to tell you that portable DVD players are a gift from the heavens and I do NOT know how people lived with out them! lol Just in case you needed to feel better......we own TWO! Hey, the big kids in the backseat don't want to watch what the baby in the middle seat does ya know. :)

xumeiqing said...

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