Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it REALLY February??

No, I refuse to believe that it's February again. This is a big year for me. Not only will my sweet little baby boy will be turning one, but I will be celebrating my very last birthday in my 20's. 29!?!?! I'm not 29! Am I really? Oh well, I guess I better start accepting that now, or its going to be a LONG month.
Here is a brief update since last time. London has really taken off with walking recently. We had quite a few weeks of him taking drunk man steps but all the sudden he "got it". He much prefers walking to crawling now. I will add a little video (or two) of him at the end.

I have no idea what happened, but London has recently found his attitude. If you even DARE to cross him you can expect a full fledged-back arched-arms flailing-legs kicking-head throwing back-screaming at the top of his lungs-fit. I have tried to explaining to him that is all for his own good, however I know he doesn't get it. For example he managed to get a 9 volt battery out of the end table drawer. Knowing that he was going to put it directly into his mouth and get a nice little shock, I promptly took it away. Wow, did I learn my lesson from that one. It was the fit of the year and it lasted for 10 full minutes of him laying on the floor convulsing and screaming as if he was in pain. He will occasionally give you the silent cry. You know the one, that is usually reserved for pain where he gets so upset that no sound comes up when he starts crying. Oh and try taking a picture of him. FORGET ABOUT IT! If I won't give him the camera he starts another fit. So most days look like this now when I pull out the camera.

I try to just ignore it when he gets like that though.

Besides his new found attitude, London has been doing great. He has really started eating more recently in the way of table food. His favorites are cheese, peas, and peaches. He also loves some yogurt in the morning while he is watching Sesame Street. Oh and if you want to see another one of the above mentioned fits, you could try to change it while Elmo's World is on. I made that mistake once and I barely made it out alive. Here he is chowing down on spaghetti (yes spaghetti is only served in a diaper and bib and at dinner before bath time)

On January 30th, I left London at home alone over night with Mike for the very first time (the first time I left him he stayed with Mike's mom). He did great (and so did Mike) but when I came home he was sporting some new chompers. Wouldn't you know that the only time I ever leave him 2 teeth break through. Oh well, I'm sure he was fine. The grand total of teeth is now up to 6 :)
Well that is all for now. Here are the videos of London as promised.


Erin said...

Walking?? WALKINGA?!?! This boy needs to stop growing up so fast!

And Mackenzie will accept his proposal at any time :)

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