Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law: The theory that anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong and at the worst possible time.

Well I hit Murphy's Jackpot last week. I woke up on Thursday morning at 4 am with some pretty severe jaw pain. It didn't feel like it was a tooth ache, but more like I had been punched in the jaw. My first thought was that I needed to head to the dentist for a new mouth piece for my pregnancy induced TMJ. By the way it's totally real, I had it last time I was pregnant too. I made a appointment for that same morning at 9am after dropping London at his last day of school.

The dentist took a few X-rays (you know, after covering me in 2 lead vests) and walk into the room and said "How are you not at the hospital right now?" Huh? Apparently, I had cracked my tooth (back molar) all the way down to the root!!! I have no idea when or how I did it, but it was most definitely done. She told me that most people would be in such excruciating pain that they would have gone straight to the emergency room. It hurt, sure, but it really wasn't that bad. Definitely not hospital worthy.

That wasn't even the worst news....the tooth was not able to be fixed so they had to pull it!! I FREAKED!! Keep in mind, I'm pregnant so I couldn't get any of the good drugs. They just numbed me up and started yanking. It was HORRIBLE!

Then, again because I'm pregnant, they couldn't give me any pain meds. Um, can I just tell all of you how bad that sucks. Tylenol didn't touch the throbbing pain that night after the numb had worn off. Thankfully by the next day, it was a little better because it was our 5 year wedding anniversary and we had a night away from London. Japanese food was calling my name! I needed to be able to eat!!

So, long story short. I am now living up to my southern roots, as I am officially missing a tooth. Mike keeps telling me he is going to buy me a wooden tooth instead of getting a dental bridge to fix it. You know, Abe Lincoln style. Probably something like this. HAHAHAHA!!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


It seems like my whole life is in transition these days. From infertility to pregnancy. From one child to two.  From Infertility Blogger to Pregnancy/Mommy Blogger. 

Lets start with infertility to pregnancy. This is so hard for me to say and I will probably run and hide from all of the rotten tomatoes that are going to be thrown at me after I utter these words. 

I miss my old life...ehm.....I miss my old life. 

I miss being able to drink wine and eat sushi. Not because I'm so some sushi obsessed wino, although on some days it might be a fair description of me. I miss being able to just think about myself (and London) and not constantly wondering if I'm hurting the new baby. Right now I have to worry about every little thing that I put into my body (yeah I should be doing that while I'm not pregnant, but let's be honest...I don't). I can't overextend myself these days for fear of more bleeding and I can't even eat sandwich meat without dying of some dread disease (well that is what The Bump tells me anyway.)  I'm not complaining. I'm really really not, of course I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to bring life into this world, but that doesn't change the fact that I have to change to do it. 

Change is HARD people!!!

Secondly, I am actually really scared about the transition from one child to two. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I should have thought about that months ago before I decided to pay thousands of dollars and shoot myself up with dozens of needles just to get into this situation, but it wasn't so scary then. Um, I'm only one person...how am I going to be responsible for two? You want to hear my totally irrational fears? What happens if both London and new baby (Holden) start choking at the EXACT same time? Who do I save first? Am I a nut job or what?! This is the stuff that I think about. 

My last major transition right now is from Infertility Blogger to Pregnancy/Mommy blogger. I feel guilty about making this transition, but what am I supposed to do? I am at a different point in my life right now. I LOVE talking about my struggles with infertility, especially when it helps other people. My email is always open to my readers who have questions about my journey. There is just something plain ridiculous about a pregnant woman STILL ranting about infertility all the time. I was already straddling the fence because I was an infertility blogger with a child. Being pregnant with number two kinda seals the deal. I have so many AMAZING infertility readers that I feel like I'm hurting each and every time I post about my happiness right now. And those who I  just PISS OFF anytime I complain. Trust me ladies I DO understand, I would have rolled my eyes at myself a few years ago. Here is your way out. Unfollow me!!

Seriously, I mean that, and not in a sarcastic way. Unfollow me, if you find my posts difficult to read. It will not hurt my feelings, it will not make me mad at you, and I will not stop following your blog. I love to see success stories but I'm pretty sure I would not have been able to say that same thing some years ago. Even if we are close, I promise I won't be mad. I won't even look at my followers list to figure out who left. I feel horrible saying this but I would hate for you to follow me out of obligation.

I want to being able to write freely without fears of who I am hurting. This is my blog and the whole point is for it to serve as my release. Ideally I wish all of you would stay. I love my readers, but Infertility SUCKS! I know this. So here is your opportunity to tip toe out the back of the room. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to see all of you back (with success stories of your own) one day. Until then, I will be stalking you :)

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's A....

So I know I have been bad about blogging recently but hopefully this will make it up to all of you.

Mike and I are VERY impatient people, so we paid the money and had an elective ultrasound this morning to tell us the baby's gender.

For the record, up until 2 weeks ago I would have SWORN it was a boy. However recently after comparing ultrasound pictures with Erin I was sure it was a girl.

This morning we got our answer....

It's a BOY!!!

And just for fun here is a belly shot of me today at 15weeks :)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams!

Last night I had my very first HORRIBLE pregnancy dream. I woke up with my heart racing and sweating profusely.

I had a dream that I went into labor at 17 weeks. That in itself is a horrible nightmare. In my head I knew that the baby could not survive, but I had no choice but to deliver. I guess I had a c-section because I don't remember being in labor.

Baby was born and actually did really well. It was a boy and he was about 7lbs and breathing with just a little help. Next thing I know, I went to get him from the nurse. The other nurses all begged me not to look at him, but he was my baby, of course I wanted to see him. I looked around the partition (because apparently in my dreams they keep babies in cubicals) and I saw the back of a red headed mullet. Yep, you read that correctly my 17weeker was 7lbs and had a mullet. His hair was crimped, but not like the funky disheveled crimped look, but more like the 1980's "I paid to have this done" crimped style.

I have no idea why but he might as well have had 4 eyes. I freaked out!! Omg, that can not be my baby. What is wrong with him? I started begging the nurses not to make me take him home. I was actually scared of this baby. I could feel my heart racing as I called Mike and told him about how terrifying our new baby boy was. It was the most realistic feeling of fear I have ever experienced in a dream.

The last thing I remember was running out of the room trying to get away from my baby. Apparently this NICU was located at the mall, because I was running "Vanilla Sky" style through the middle of an empty mall. I just wanted to be as far away from that child as I possibly could. Then I woke up.

I'm not joking that it really was one of the most terrifying dreams I have ever had. I have no idea why I was so scared in the dream. Is a red crimped mullet the worst thing that could happen?  In reality Mike and I would probably just embrace it by taking a family picture similar to this one.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boring Update!! (Atlanta Readers?)

Hola Ladies (and gentlemen)

Things are going great around here, boring but great. Same old same old. I have nothing to write about, which is actually good news. I'm still pregnant, with little to no bleeding recently. I had a brief spell of bleeding last week, to which my Dr told me to sit down and take it easy. Psh, much easier said than done with a 2 year old, but I did it and the bleeding went away a few minutes later. My Dr told me a few weeks ago to expect more bleeding, so it didn't really alarm me when I saw it. Besides, I've got my handy dandy doppler to keep me sane.

Do I have any Atlanta readers? I have to be in ATL on May 21 for a bloggy thing and have the opportunity to share a mini shopping spree with a few friends.  Come on who doesn't love free shopping? Anyone interested in joining me? (No strings attached.) If so email me at Aly@infertilityoverachievers.com I would love to meet my readers so don't be shy.

Well that was my boring-nothing new here-update. Thanks for reading if you made it this far :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound

Finally I have a moment to sit down and actually update my blog.

Let's see, where to start? 

Ok so last week we had a our Nuchal translucency screening for Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18. We had an hour long meeting with a genetic counselor. She was very informative and gave Mike and I a lot of scary  good information about genetic abnormalities.I'm still not quite sure why they had us see a genetic counselor since we have no major risk factors. I guess they have everyone do it. 

After that we had the ultrasound and blood work portion of the screening. The tech asked me if a student could sit in on the ultrasound. I of course said yes, and I am so happy I did. It was the best ultrasound I have ever had!! The tech kept teaching the student and it was so fun to learn along with her. After about 45 mins she switched to 3d and 4d. IT WAS AWESOME!! She gave us a TON of pictures. I will admit that it was a little odd when she kept talking in a baby voice to the baby and referring to it as " 'Tinky Poo Poo" but all and all she was pretty awesome, so I'll let her slide on that one. 

The best part, everything looked great. I got our results today and we got a negative result for both Downs Syndrome and Trisomy 18.  :) :) :)

Now, I am well aware that you can't definitively tell what gender the baby is at 12 weeks via ultrasound, but that doesn't make it any less fun to guess. I've done my research on The Angle of the Dangle and feel I am as good as any trained ultrasound tech out there (note the sarcasm).  So my guess for this baby? BOY!! I'll let you guess for yourself  though. 

 Hand up by face waving to his/her big brother. 

Standing on his/her head. Doing a little break dancing. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

NIAW Giveaway Winner!

Sorry I have been off the radar for a few days. We went on a little trip and I had no access to the internet while we were gone. I promise to update tomorrow with pictures and everything. I just wanted to pop my head in to announce the winner of my NIAW giveaway.  The winner is....

CONGRATS Lauren! Email me which bracelet you would like and your shipping address and I will get the order started for you!

Thanks to everyone who entered!!