Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm Next!!

Back in February, when I first found out that IVF #2 had worked, I also found out that 4 of my friends were also expecting. All of them were due within 6 weeks of my due date. It was great having friends to enjoy this pregnancy with. Oddly enough, 2 or them were also pregnant with  me last time. It was fun swapping random texts complaining about swollen ankles, bed rest, and irritable uterus'. One even even ended up on bed rest with me. Copy Cat HAHAHAHA!!!

 As September rolled around, my friends started having their babies.

I sat by, watching each one of them welcome their perfect babies into the world, just waiting for my turn. Well guess what....IT'S FINALLY MY TURN!! 

Yesterday my last friend who was due before me delivered her perfect little girl. Congrats Erin!


I will be 35 weeks in a few days, so baby Holden definitely has a little more cooking to do, but we are getting so CLOSE!! The next birth announcement in my little IRL world will be MY OWN!! **Well not totally true, one of my close friends here has a scheduled c-section on Wednesday, but it's scheduled so I'm not really sitting around waiting on her to go into labor**


For those of you who are due after me...I will try to hurry this up so that it will be your turn next :)


Unknown said...

YAY!!!! He'll be here so soon!! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see his sweet face!

Jay said...

So exciting! Congratulations! :)

JM said...

Ahhh!!! How cool is that? So excited :)

Destiny said...

Congrats!!! Nice to meet another former army wife going through this.

chenlina said...

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