Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moving to Chicago!

Correction...we MOVED to Chicago! We got here on Saturday.

Back in March my husband was offered a job promotion IN CHICAGO!! WIth only 3 weeks notice before he had to start, we were scrambling to get the move together. As it turns out he left ahead of us, and 3 weeks later he came home to pick us up and meet the movers.

Keep in mind, I am a SOUTHERN GIRL! I was born and raised in Savannah Ga, and we were currently living in Columbia, South Carolina. Chicago might as well have been Croatia for all I knew.

Sure I had visited the Windy City before, but I've also visited Paris and Rome. That doesn't mean I want to move there either.

Okay, Okay, so MAYBE I'm over reacting. But Chicago is cold, and it SNOWS! This southern girls knows nothing about the snow!

Plus I have 4 kids under 4 with no friends or help in sight. I can barely even leave the house with all 4 kiddos much less make friends.

I'm trying to stay positive though. Things really are not that bad. The promotion is great for Mike, and I'm sure I'll make new friends .Ones who are willing to hang out with the crazy lady with too many kids. :) Eventually!

In the mean time, we are staying out near the Airport (Midway) in corporate housing while we try to find a house.

Anyone in the area want to be my friend? Pretty please? I promise to be really nice and provide you with classy boxed wine ;) HAHAHA!


Jules said...

Welcome home! You picked a great week to show up, it's been crazy awesome weather the past few days! I'd love to take you up on that boxed wine! Email me at [email protected]

Jules said...

Oh! I just realized your twin girls are like 2 weeks older than my twin boys. Can you say prom dates???

Abby said...

You are going to do great in your new city. I see positive things for your family! And look at the comment up there from Jules! You already have prom dates set up for the girls! :)

apluseffort said...

Welcome to Chicago. There are quite a few IFers here, so you're in good company. Drop me a line at missohkay at yahoo if you need any neighborhood advice! Picking a place to live can be daunting :)

Anonymous said...

I would so love to hang to hang out with you, boxed wine would be great right now (day 6 of stims) But unfortunatly im from MA and may as well be from croatia.

ps Driving in snow isnt as bad as you think. Just a few tips do not brake hard, turn sharp or excellerate quickly.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

You're going to make friends easily. If I lived in Chi-town, we'd be besties. Good luck in the new city! There is great restaurants and shopping there.

Marry said...


hope you are gonna get a very good friendship in chicago :)

Unknown said...

Good luck!!! I am excited for you and your family! A new place to explore! And a bunch of people already wanting to help you out!!


Chris said...

Wow, you got ready to move in only three weeks? What a whirlwind! Enjoy the Windy City!

Unknown said...

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