Saturday, June 28, 2008


Wait, did today actually happen? Here is how it went down.

7am: Wake up and take my progesterone and QUICKLY go back to sleep.
9am: Wake up for the day (well, kinda)
9am-3pm: Lay around in bed and watch TV (GOD BLESS TIVO!!!)
3pm-7pm: SLEEP!!
7pm: Wake up long enough to eat the Chinese food Mike cooked (when I say cooked, I actually mean he went out and got take outs.)
8PM-10PM: Watched "Good Luck Chuck" with my amazing hubby. (cute movie, I love Dane Cook)
10:30pm: Update Blog

So as you can tell I am DEFINITELY taking it easy. I keep rubbing my stomach and BEGGING the embies to implant. I mean, I am pretty persuasive. After all I am their Mother, they better start listening. :) Ok I'm headed back to bed, its been a GOOD 3 hours since I had any sleep, my body is craving it HAHA!


Anonymous said...

Haha you crack me up. I bet you are sleepy and I'm glad your getting your rest!!! It is simply amazing how these little ones suck all the energy right on out of you!!!

erika said...

hey! it's erika.... i didn't realize you were on this thing... yay for catching up and getting back in touch w/each others' lives! I miss you lady

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