Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yet another lazy day. It feels good to just lay around and take it easy, I mean I do have a good reason, so I don't feel guilty about wasting the day. Testing mania begins tomorrow. Its way to soon to get a BFP (Big Fat Positive) but testing will at least give me something to do every morning. Mike goes back to work tomorrow, BOOO HISS!!! So I'll be pretty bored over the next few days. Ok I'm off to bed!


Jenn said...

I'm guessing this is Aly Martinez?! This is Jenn & I found your blog through Carly's site! Just saying hi :)

GoNYY06 said...

You are too funny!!! You better tell me when that big fat POSITIVE or PREGNANT show up :o)

Jamie said...

Ok, Me and Ash would like to inform you..and everyone that there are those of us that are Invitro Fertilization "lingo" challenged. So Sasquatch..can you please provide us with a key, maybe off to the side with all the meanings of the ever so hard to figure out abbreviations that you use. It would make it a lot more fun and interesting to read your post...we will know what you are talking about. LOL...anyways, I can't wait to hear about the positive test you ARE going to get any day now. TTYL, Love ya!

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