Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beta #2

Well, I just got the call from the Dr and the number was............ 260!!!!!!!!!!

My beta on Monday was 84 and they want to see it double every 48 hours to show a healthy pregnancy...Well, mine TRIPLED! I am so excited, as you can tell from my thread last night, I was really worried about this number. I scheduled my ultrasound for July 24th which will be 6w3d. I really hope we will see a heart beat(s). It could DEFINITELY still be twins!

This is a picture I took last night. The word BFP means BIG FAT POSITIVE! It's is the Internets way of saying you got a positive pregnancy test.
In case you were wondering that is all of the pregnancy tests I have taken over the last 18 months. In case your counting....its 191! The BFP arrow is pointing at the 4 positives I got last week :)
I'm so excited, I don't even know what to do with myself. Oh wait, yes I do, EAT!!!!


GoNYY06 said...

Yaaaay!!! This is soooo exciting missy!!! Your picture of all the EPT cracked me up beyond belief! I love it, very creative way to spend your time :o) I love you and I'm still sending happy baby thoughts :o) xoxo

Kristen said...


S.G. said...

Yay! Congratulations! :]

RW said...

So exciting! Can't wait to here how many little babies you are growing in there! :)

kd said...


ChanandJason said...

You are one crafty chick! What a funny way to communicate all that hard work. Very cool - and congrats on the high number. That happened to me too...worrying if the number was going to rise correctly or not. Good stuff! :)

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