Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Alone!!

Well, Mike has been gone for 5 days now, Life is soooo boring!! When he did this little training thing last year, I was HELLA busy! I was working M-f 7-4 and also on a few weekends and nights because July was our inventory month. This year, I have no job and I'm pregnant (NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING). It's just weird, I'm supposed to take it easy and not do too much until my ultrasound on July 24 but wow, that gets boring. There is only so much you can watch on TV or look up on google. I broke out my old pregnancy books and have started reading them, so that kills a little time. I never knew I would MISS working until now!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there you!!! I absoultly know it is tough not to have a job or a husband annnd be pregnant all at once, it STINKS BIIIIG TIME!!! But try to find things to keep you busy and stay happy :o) I have been training the dogs more (practicing heeling the most so when the baby comes in Dec they don't pull me across post!), I am going to learn how to sew, catching up on lots of reading, lots of girl time, hitting up the gym, and much more. I know you can think of somethings to do your Allison and your doing wonderful. Keep smiling I love you!

Erin said...

I will be back next week! Get ready for some yummy mocktails!!!

Lora said...

Poor Allison! I hope you find something to occupy your time...maybe you should start hunting around for a new hobby. If its twins you could end up with a LOT of "resting" time! I can't wait for your ultrasound on the 24th!!

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