Monday, March 28, 2011

Checking in...

Wow, it's been a while since I updated. The old saying "no news is good news" definitely holds true here. I'm doing great! I will be 8 weeks tomorrow and really still feeling like myself.

Nausea hasn't really hit yet. I mean I definitely have times during the day where I feel like I'm going to puke, but I  never do, and if I sit down and either eat or drink a little water it immediately goes away. So I'm not sure if its nausea from the pregnancy or my body's way of telling me I need to eat more often now that I have a little one on board.

Sooo, do you guys remember this beauty of a belly shot from when I was 20 weeks pregnant last time? (Yikes, I looked horrible! I can't believe I ever put this one up on the interwebz, but you know what they say in the after school specials these days..."once it's on the internet, its FOREVER" So I thought, awww hell why not post it AGAIN! :)  )

I seriously look very similar to this now at only 8 weeks. My belly is HUGE!! I know they say you show a lot sooner the second time but body has really gone a little overboard.  According to the most reliable pregnancy source on the web, The Bump (note the sarcasm), my baby this week is the size of a raspberry.

Really? My body obviously did NOT get the memo on that one. It looks like its trying to grow a whole patch of raspberries. (Raspberries grow in a patch right?? No? A tree? A bush? Whatever, you get the point.)
Ok so maybe I'm not really that big. I haven't had to switch to maternity clothes yet despite my longing for them at 5 weeks. I'm not even rocking the 'ole rubber band trick yet. I can feel it coming soon though.

I'm not hormonal at all. I am an absolute delight to be around as always.  I'm a real beacon of light in a otherwise cloudy world....or at least that is what I choose to think. Mike, on the other hand, may tell you that I am a virtual roller coaster of emotions. Hateful, ugly, mean emotions. Yeah, ok....I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a bitch these days. I can't help it though. Half the time I realize I'm being horrible, but I can't stop myself. If I make it through this pregnancy without a divorce, I will consider it a complete success.

Well I need to go to bed now, insomnia has hit so I'm exhausted all the time but I can't seem to sleep. It's pure torture.

The above reasons are why God makes babies so cute. Pregnancy is hard, but babies smell sooooo good. Completely worth it!!


Erin said...

Yeah, that whole showing sooner with the second one is no joke! At 12 weeks, I think I look close to what I did at 14 with M. However, I am not wearing maternity clothes, really. I need some shirts because my regular shirts are getting too short, but my pants are still really comfortable.

Samantha said...

So happy for you and your "no news"! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the picture looks great :) do we get to see pictures this time around? Hope so. So exciting and I am glad things are going well.

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Baby said...

mmm, raspberries. I'll eat your baby :)

Marianne said...

I have heard this is common with baby # 2! I am sure you look great. So happy that things are just chugging along!

Angie said...

Ha ha!! I love this blog!! And don't feel bad, I'm not even a full week ahead of you and I look like I'm about 20 wks too. I've been rocking the rubber band or maternity jeans for awhile now. But just keep up the great work on the no nausea!! Lucky!

Toni C said...

Aw! I bet you look great! My hubby now tells people "enjoy the emotional rollercoaster" when he hears their wife is pregnant. I thought I was pure joy to be around all 10 months (plus the meds prior...). Hmmm...

Kayleikins said...

I'm glad you have no news! :) I'm sure you're just amazing to be around haha!

I hope everything continues to go well! You're in my thoughts!

Jacksmom said...

I don't think you look bad in that pic. Glad to hear all is quiet!

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