Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Super Human Sense of Smell!

It's official, I'm quitting my job as a stay at home mom to become a bomb sniffing dog. I think I could do it these days. Hound dogs have nothing on these nostrils. As I'm sure you have guessed, the pregnancy induced super human sense of smell has kicked in, and let me be the first to tell you, the world is a STINKY place.

Why is it that just nasty smells have been enhanced? Why don't I walk outside and dance around in circles at the wonderful smell of the spring flowers in bloom? No instead, I walk outside and smell nothing but the pile of Chihuahua poop from three blocks over. This leads me to my decision that London has GOT to potty train soon! At least then I can flush the toilet, spray the house down with Fabreeze, and quarantine off the area for a few hours. But no, he is still in diapers so I have to gag through it deal with it. Just yesterday, I changed his stinky butt, double wrapped the dirty diaper in trash bags, then threw it out into the garage. 2 hours later I was gagging because despite being outside with 2 doors between us, that diaper was not far enough away to keep the stench out of the house.

Why don't I smell perfume from the old lady down the block or the yummy steaks the guy next door is grilling? No, I just have a super sense of smell when it comes to poop. Thanks pregnancy, YOU ROCK!!

On a side note, I'm still feeling pretty good. This honestly kind of worried me at first but thank goodness for my blog. I went back to my entries from my last pregnancy and found that with London my morning sickness/food aversions didn't start until around 7 weeks. So I am going to enjoy this last week of feeling good and eat anything and everything that I want. Which will mainly consist of anything and everything that does not smell like poop!

***I'm not complaining at all, well actually I kinda am, but only a little bit.  I am VERY grateful for each and every pregnancy symptom, because it means that Today, I AM PREGNANT!***


Erin said...

OMG changing poopy diapers is now TORTURE. I literally gag doing it!! I mean, it wasn't exactly pleasant before...but this is a whole new level!

Christine Pettijohn said...

I feel you on the poopy diapers. We are potty training right now our son and now we deal with poopy underwear which seems ten times worse cause you have to wash it out. Luckily since I am pregnant with my second baby my husband handles that or else I would be throwing up nonstop.

Jacksmom said...

I feel ya on the stinkiness of the world when you're pregnant. Particularly awful was the smell of meat, especially chicken if I remember correctly. Have fun with that!

Stacie said...'re giving so many things to look forward to whenever I'm pregnant, haha! I'm very happy for you though, for once, something that awful is something really great! :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't feel like that when I was pregs, but after our first IVF transfer I felt that way for a week and it was CRAZY!!!! (part of the reason we thought I was pregs). Hope the sickness doesnt come :)

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