Monday, March 14, 2011


I can't get enough sleep these days. This time change definitely didn't help either. I'm exhausted! London stayed up to 11pm last night and was up awake by 6:45am. He slept longer than that when he was 6 months old. Thankfully he still takes a nap, well most of the time anyway. I am more than happy to take a nap with him, but sometimes it makes it worse. I wake up even more exhausted than when I went to bed. It's a vicious cycle.

Besides the exhaustion I'm doing pretty well. I'm still feeling pretty good and I'll be 6 weeks tomorrow!!! Only 34 more weeks to go! :-/ MEH! Ok so it's definitely too soon to start a countdown HAHA!!

My only other real symptom is moodiness. Actually calling myself moody is NOT a fair statement. I'm just a straight up bitch most of the time. I have zero patience these days. I swear I don't remember feeling like this last time. I mostly notice it towards London, because with other people I can blame my frustrations on their stupidity, but my precious little man is a different story. I get so frustrated with him sometimes then feel overcome with guilt for not having more patience. Pregnancy was so much easier the first time :) At least last time didn't have mommy guilt on top of pregnancy guilt.

Hopefully my "moodiness" will pass soon, as long as nausea doesn't replace it I will be one happy lady!

T minus 7 days until my ultrasound!! I'm so excited to see if we have one or two babies growing in there.


DandelionBreeze said...

Hope the tiredness passes... but rest as much as you can for both of you ( or three of you ) :)) xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Or THREE in there!!! :)

This American Wife said...

Tiredness is my main symptom when pregnant. I'm not exactly excited thinking about any future pregnancies and trying to balance exhaustion with the existing kid!

Egg Donation Mommy said...

This time change hit me hard but I can only imagine how it hit you, sounds tiring :/ The one nice thing is that the sun is out longer and you can try to enjoy the nice weather which should be coming sooner rather than later! Get some rest :)

Suz said...

Hope you get caught up on sleep soon & this stage passes!

Jacksmom said...

I hope the sleep gets better shortly for you and doesn't get replaced with nausea (I had nausea and vomiting from week 5.5-36 weeks-it sucks so bad!).

Radiant Readhead said...

i am only 4w5d and the exhaustion and bloatedness is KILLING me!I feel like I am already 10 weeks pregnant, so I am def interested in seeing my ultrasound in 2 weeks! lol. With a history of spontaneous twins (I lost them @ 8 weeks though:-) I am terrified it has happened again! We will see....i am guess in two are in there for you!!

Erin said...

I feel ya! If I do nap, I feel worse then when I went to sleep. I have been having the same patience issues with M. I feel so bad, but I notice that I get frustrated with her way more easily.

Angie said...

I was totally thinking about you this morning!! Morning sickness has kicked in full swing for me so I'm so glad its not for you yet. I can't wait to hear how many babies!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The time change completely threw me off this week. Hope you get some rest because it's awful being so tired!

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