Sunday, July 10, 2011

Help!! ($20 Paypal Cash or Amazon GC Giveaway)

So the other day while sitting on my butt loathing enjoying bedrest, I tweeted out a question to my followers. Of course in true twitter fashion, the question evolved into about 10 totally different conversations in a matter of minutes. One of those conversations was with Tillie from over at A Nuttier Life. Well one thing lead to another and....

We are starting an Infertility Shop together!

Who in their right mind would want to purchase infertility merchandise? Well, um...if you have to ask that question you have obviously never been infertile. What I wouldn't have given for a T-shirt that told people "No...You Just Relax" or a cute onsie for London that said "Worth Every Penny". 

Tillie and I have decided to start our own little shop for both humorous and serious infertility merchandise. This is where we need your help though. We are just Two Infertile Chicks. We know what WE would like to see in our shop, but what would YOU like to see in our shop. 

We decided the best way to get these answers is to put together a little marketing survey. To sweeten the deal a bit, we have decided to host giveaway for anyone who takes our survey. 

We are giving away $20 in Paypal Cash or a $20 Amazon Giftcard (winner's choice) to one of our lucky survey responders. 

Here's how to enter:

 Just go fill out our quick 10 question Survey and then come back and enter on the Rafflecopter widget stating that you did. You can also gain an extra entry for tweeting, blogging, or posting on facebook about his giveaway. 

This giveaway is open internationally but ONLY to those who have experienced Infertility or Adoption. 
  If you for some reason you have trouble entering on the widget (which I do not anticipate) just shoot me an email and I will manually enter you. 


C said...

I answered the survey AND tweeted!

Erin said...

I answered the survey even though I am not infertile, but I wrote what I would like to see if I was. Right now I would also love a t-shirt to wear around the house about how my uterus loathes pregnancy or talking about what a bitch she is.

Unknown said...

Erin you count even though you are not technically IF! You have had a m/c in the past.

Jacksmom said...

I did the survey, but the thing keeps saying it messed up when I click "I did this!" I will try again in the AM.

Barbara Palermo said...

Good luck for your Infertility shop, really great idea!
I answered the survey AND blogged!

Jody said...

Great idea! I answered the survey. Maybe you could make me the "Made in the USA" shirt that I have always wanted for my little in-vitro miracle. :)

Laura said...

I took the survey and tweeted about it. I kept getting an error when I tried to click on the tweet portion. I'll try again later.

JM said...

Survey complete! Fun!

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