Friday, July 8, 2011


Yep, I just got the word from my Dr's office. Aetna DENIED my prescription for the P17 shots. My favorite part is that they denied it because I'm a whopping 22 weeks. If my Dr had written the script at 20 weeks when they originally noticed my cervical shortening (and because of my history with preterm labor) then the big guys with out a medical degree who decide what is REALLY best for my unborn child (AKA: My insurance company), would have approved it. However since they waited a week to make sure I really needed the shots, they are now considered experimental. Ummmm, OK sure!

My Dr and I have decided that we are going to try the compounded P17 shots. These are basically pharmacy made generics instead of the big expensive name brand. (There is more too it than that, but that is the gist of it.)

We will have to pay out of pocket for those, but only $15 per week. I think we can handle that.

I'm rather mad at my insurance about denying it.

Mad enough to eat a Big Mac and large fry, oh wait... never mind, I ate that before I got the call. Humm, no one to blame for that one.

I am however thrilled to have the option of the compounded P17. I am really really hopeful that this will keep the preterm labor away and keep me out of the hospital until 37 weeks. I guess only time will tell though.

Compounded P17 starts TONIGHT!!

If anyone from Aetna happens to be reading this, you better watch your back. This tattooed gangsta is pretty pissed about you denying his Mama's prescription.


Erin said...

For the love!!!! You know this whole topic drives me insane. I love that they think they know more than your doctor. Clearly the doctor wouldn't prescribe you these meds if she didn't think you NEED them. Once again, would they rather pay for the shots or a NICU stay??

Jacksmom said...

Maybe you should inform them of the going rate for one night in the NICU vs. the rate for the P17 shots...they obviously didn't do that math. Ugh, so sorry you're going through this, but at least you have the option of the compounded P17. I hope it works!!

waiting and wishing said...

oh bother... I am on the phone with them all.the.time! The good news is, I have found that persistence (and the occasional letter from the Dr.) usually pays off. Good Luck

Breen said...

Aetna is ridiculous. They denied an emergency room visit for me when I was going through a pad every 45 minutes for several hours and was dizzy. They said it wasn't an emergency. However, they paid for the surgery that resulted from the emergency room visit.

Love how they decide what is necessary and not.

Unknown said...


Deanna said...

London is so cute in that picture! Best of luck with the compounded shot!

Lora said...

Insurance. Is. Stupid.
So, my question is are you giving the shots or is Mike? Or do you go to the Dr. once a week to get it? I gave them to myself, thinking I was a big brave nurse. But after week 2 I dreaded those mornings so much I would be shaking and crying getting the shot ready. Oh the things we go through for our babies! It worked though, that was my longest pregnancy ever!

Unknown said...

So frustrating! I just had a prescription denied that I've been on for four years because apparently the insurance jerks think something else (cheaper for them) would work better.

The Suburban Princess said...

Hi! I am new here, but I just wanted to weigh in on the P17 shots. I gave birth prematurely with my second child, so I was put on the shots with my third pregnancy. Now that I am pregnant again I am terrified that I will get turned down for them for insurance reasons this time.

Thank goodness you have the option to use a compounding pharmacy.

Tillie said...

woah this blows. What is wrong with the stupid insurance??? I don't get that. I am glad you can get compounding ones for much less -- so not cool. :-/

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