Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Going to...

BlogHer '12!!

I'll be childfree at BlogHer '12

To say I am excited is a total understatement! I am excited beyond word, no, I am excited beyond CAP LOCKS and exclamation marks. 


Let me break it down for you, I am going.... be child free for 3 days in NYC! listen to speakers that I already love to read!
...learn to be a better blog writer AND blog designer!  bloggers that I know on the interwebs IN PERSON!

And my favorite
....spend 3 days being completely selfish, eating rich food, and drinking way too much wine!



Lacey Bean said...

SO COOL!! I'm not going, since Baby Bean will be about 3 months old then!! But I may try to come into the city with her to see all my friends :)

Anonymous said...

Totally sounds like fun! I'd love to go:) *joci

Erin said...


Unknown said...

I'm not sure I'll be able to go do to financial reasons, but I live 20 minutes outside the city and totally want to come in and meet you!!

Candice said...

Excited for you!!!
Sounds like it will be a great time!!!!

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