Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The New Sound of Infertility.

I have two kids. TRUE!

But you can NOT take away my struggle with infertility just because I have had success. 

I love my boys more than anything in the world...True! However when I think of my past I can not forget the way I felt each month while trying to conceive. It was painful and I can still feel it in my gut now. How I felt every time some one said relax or told me how their great grand mommy didn't get pregnant for 9 years, and she didn't even have access to infertility treatments. UGH!! I swear every woman who ever had a baby KNEW how to get me pregnant. None of it worked until I forked over $6,000 plus dollars, gave myself over 60 injections (with in 2 weeks), and put my feet in the stirrups for a doctor wielding a giant needle.

Thankfully that worked though.

So if you know me at all, you know I lurve music, and tonight when I heard Jason Mraz new(ish) song, I couldn't help but think about infertility.

"God knows we're worth it"


Abby said...
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Mrs. H said...

Really ncie song, going to have to remember this for the times when I need a little push. We start injections on 2/12 sometimes I'm scared other times I'm not. One thing is for sure music is a huge part of my life so songs like this will definitely help to cheer me up and push me through.

Krissi said...

That was a beautiful post and I am so in love with that song!! Thank you so much for sharing it. It made me cry and smile so big!! I am definitely reposting it! Congrats on your beautiful family!

Ashley said...

I hear you loud and clear! We want a third child so bad and our only frozen embryo failed us so we just can't spend the $15K right now. It is a terrible feeling. I hate how crappy people are about it, like because it hurts that I want more kids I am not grateful or I don't like the ones I have. Of course I am, but this is a separate issue to me.

Steve said...

Kimberly and I love your blog. Thank you for the post.

brit16 said...

Thanks for this post!!! It is soooo true. Even though we now have our miracle, infertility will always be a huge part of our lifes. We are trying for number two now and I was really afraid of starting it all over again. But it is so much easier this time around, now that the pressure is off. Thanks for a great post.

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