Thursday, December 4, 2008

I bought a sling!!

So after much debate on what type/style sling I wanted to buy for Mr. London. I finally decided to buy a Hotsling. I originally started to research this sling at the recommendation of my good friend Lora, and I must say she is right, it ROCKS!! Hotslings usually run about $60 each, but thanks to bed rest and a TON of free time to shop online, I found one on sale for only $24.99. EEEEKKKK!!! I really like the pattern too (it wasn't my favorite but for 60% off I am not going to complain) Here is a picture of it (baby not included HAHAHA).


d.a.r. said...

Very exciting!!! That is way cute! I can't wait to start thinking about babies and shopping for baby things!

Hope you aren't going toooooo crazy on bed rest!

Herding Chaos said...

I really want one of those when Jake and I start having kids! Hope things are going well!

Miss you!! I got a call from a 334 number the other day, made me miss the south!

It's a freaking blizzard out right now

Anonymous said...

Yay so exciting! I don't know from personal experience (yet) but all my friends who have one love their slings! I tried mine on the other day buuuut my belly was in the way so don't be sad if yours doesn't fit when you receive it since it probably will fit once Mr. London isn't in there :o) You go Mrs. Awesome Bargin Hunter!!!

Rebecca said...

I just found your blog through Dance Shoes and Combat Boots. I love your blog and the sling is very cute.

Lora said...

HOORAY for hotslings!!! The DVD that comes with it is awesome, so you actually see how to use the thing (not that its difficult, but still). I can't wait to see you carrying Mr. London around in it!!! And good job being a super-shopper, that rocks!

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