Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let The Dilating Begin!!

So I went to the Dr yesterday for my weekly appt and it seems that I am now dilated to 1 cm. While I know that 1 cm is not a HUGE amount, the dr still seemed very concerned. He said it is NOT a good sign that I'm only 28w4d and already starting to dilate. He kept me on my meds told me to increase my water intake (from 10 cups to 12 cups a day) and STAY ON BED REST!!! I have to admit with the holidays, I have not been taking things as easily as I should have been. However now I have been sent back to sitting on my butt all day every, every day again. My new personal goal is to keep London cooking until Feb 9th which will have me at 35 weeks. However, anything after 34 weeks (Feb 1st) is a VICTORY in my eyes.


corkyshell said...

Don't get out of bed woman! And thats an order :)

Good luck with the next couple of weeks. I am praying for you and London!

jlc said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!

And ditto to what corky said. Stay in bed missy!

d.a.r. said...

Get your butt back in bed, missy!!!

Thoughts and prayers for you and Mr Miracle Baby :)

Anonymous said...

I pray London stays in as long as possible! Take it easy now :)

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Find some good books and stay in bed. 34 weeks is great, 35 would be better...

Sending prayers your way!

sandy said...

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