Monday, February 16, 2009

36 weeks!!!


While I know 37weeks is considered "Term", however for us 36 weeks has always been our goal. When I went into preterm labor at just 23w5d, I never thought we would make it this far. Myself and Dr E felt for SURE that Mr London was going to come early. After 11 weeks on bedrest, and countless doses of procardia (my anti contraction medicine), we have finally made it!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! London is such a good baby boy! I am so happy he has waited to at least 36 weeks!!! Sooooo excited! :o)

Katie said...

Yay!! Congrats at making it to your goal point! Now we're ready to see this little boy of yours!

Erin said...

WAHOO!!! Ok, London, you can come out now!!

Anonymous said...

WOOOHOOO!! :) Just a bit longer!

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