Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baseball caps, sippy cup, and $20 giraffes

Rocking out his hat.
Gangsta London, he was a little shocked too ;)

He still LOVES his Exersaucer

This little plastic giraffe cost us $20!! However he LOVES it and it is by far his favorite teething toy. Worth EVERY PENNY!!
I swear it is just apple juice in that cup.

New Toys!


Anonymous said...

He's really cute. :)
I love his bib, too.

Unknown said...

Did you get that giraffe off amazon? I looked at one just like that and debated getting it... but a lot of the reviews said it stunk.... did yours?

Unknown said...

Yes, that is the Vulli Giraffe Sophie. It does smell a little like plastic but for as much as he loves it, we can get over that. It is very easy for him to hold, so he is not dropping it all the time.

Unknown said...
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