Thursday, August 6, 2009

London Vs The Computer

"Ahh, I see you are operating with Windows Vista, excellent choice." "How do you spell Facebook again?"

"Forget control, alt, delete. I'm just going to hold the power button."

His new favorite thing to do. And yes, that is DROOL all over the couch, you should have seen it when he was done.

"Standing is so much FUN!"

He gets stuck on this table at LEAST once a day.


ACUs, ABCs & Dog Hair said...

I love seeing the pictures of London growing! He has such a happy little face :)

NovelTeaMommy said...

Cute baby : )

Check out; excellent for babies on computers!

Lacey Bean said...

OMG Aly he is SO cute! :) Hope you and Mike are doing well!!

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