Friday, September 25, 2009

It's all over now!!

Life as we know it is now OVER! London can crawl. He has been crawling (aka: scooting) for about a month, but now he is good at it. He is so fast. I put him down on the floor and walk across the room to get him some toys, and by the time I turn back around he is already out of the room. He snuck away to the kitchen twice yesterday, so we thought it was time to invest in a few baby gates. London is not so fond of them. It ruins his escape plan every time. It's like the show Prison Break around here. I fully expect to catch London drawing blueprint of the house one of these days.
Me and London.

I'm not buying him anymore toys. He had more fun playing in his laundry basket today than he did with any of his toys.

His arch nemesis: The Baby Gate.
A little video of him crawling.