Thursday, September 10, 2009

We have a tooth, strike that, WE HAVE TEETH!!

Things have been pretty busy since Mike got home. When I say busy, I mean LAZY. We have been spending alot of time doing NOTHING. We have just been sitting around and spending time together again as a family again. London is in love with his daddy. I am actually shocked at how quickly he bonded with him, since London is not exactly a FAN of new people and especially not men. However, things have been GREAT since Mike got home. Mike wakes up with him in the morning, feeds him a bottle, and they play for another couple of hours so I can sleep late. IT IS GLORIOUS!!! I have not slept late since London was born. Keep in mind that "LATE" is around 8am, but I WILL TAKE IT!! :)

Oh and in other news London got his first tooth on Sept 1st and his second tooth on Sept 8th. (His two front bottom teeth.) I was hoping that when his teeth finally came in that all of the drool and stop, however it doesn't look that way. He still has to wear a bib 24/7 or else his clothes are SOAKED. Oh well, maybe one day I will be able to take that bib off of him, I would hate to send him to first grade in a bib.

Here are a few pictures of the last week or so.

London holding hands with his girlfriend Scarlett.

He LOVES the dogs, and especially Daisy.

Snoozing in his jumper.

If you look really really really close you can see his first tooth. He wanted to show it off.


Lora said...

I think London takes after hes Daddy already....going after the tall chicks! lol Glad all is well with you guys, and that you get to sleep in. You earned it!

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