Sunday, September 5, 2010

Look, I'm over here.

So our Chicago trip is winding down, actually it is pretty much over. We are leaving today to head back home, oh sweet home. However I just wanted to let y'all know that our success story is being featured over at Stress Free Infertility today. Check it out.

Sorry its not a link. I'm posting from my phone again and can't figure out to link. Use the old school copy and paste and go show me some love over there.


Kakunaa said...

Lol I actually was going to skip that today. Now I will have to go read!

Jody said...

I just found your blog after reading your Success Story. Congrats on your little boy - he is adorable! My son is 16 months old and we are gearing up for IVF #2 by the end of the year. I just might become a follower as our stories are somewhat similar. :)

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