Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guess what Santa brought London for Christmas?


Ok maybe Santa didn't bring it but London definitely has it. 

Things started GREAT on Christmas. London had a great time and got WAY WAY WAY too many toys. Trust me I don't even have room in my house for everything. My mom popped up and bought London this

It's funny we all though he was going to stroke out with excitement when he saw it wheel out of the back room. So we made the executive decision to save it for last so he would actually open all the rest of his present before abandoning ship for the rest of the day. Boy were we wrong! All of the things that we thought were going to be a HUGE hit were just mediocre in his eyes. 

His favorite item of the day? This random race car set that my Dad got him off QVC. To my Dad's credit it is pretty freaking cool. London has yet to put it down. 

At the end of this post I will upload few pictures from the big day. 

The day after Christmas, IT SNOWED!!  We live in South Carolina so 1.5 inches is a HUGE deal for us. I swear the city just about shut down. It was almost humorous, but being a southerner myself I had ZERO room to laugh. I was too scared to even drive that day hahaha!!

Fast forward to Monday, London started coming down with a run of the mill cold. No biggy. A pack of boogie wipes, a box of tissues, and a stash of infant Tylenol and we were R-E-A-D-Y! My sister called to tell me that her boys (who were at my house all weekend) had some sort of flu like virus and one was running like 105.0 fever. G-R-E-A-T!! 

Yesterday I decided to take him to the Dr as a preventative measure.He had what appeared to be a nasty cold but I didn't want to wait around for it to get worse. I told him about my nephews, but his diagnosis...the common toddler FUNK. Which, according to him, is one step above a cold but one below the flu. We walked out with a "pop pop" and a sticker and were on our way back home. We made a short stop at CVS where I got this beauty. I have wanted one of these for a while and figured this would be perfect timing to pick one up. My Dr even verified that he has one at home for his kids. He also said it is always with in 0.5 of a degree from a rectal temperature. And who want's to do that 20 times a day which is how obsessed I am about London's temperature right now.

Fortunately I bought it when I did, but unfortunately I had to use it today. Within 24 hours we were back at the Dr's office. London woke up with a 104.0 fever. I seriously almost freaked out. This morning the Dr noticed that he was struggling a bit to breath. I forgot what they called it but both nurses and the Dr made me pick up his shirt so they could watch his stomach and chest while he was breathe. Poor London, had it been St Patrick's day in Savannah he would have had quite a few beads after that appointment. 

The diagnosis: Pneumonia! 
(humm that would have been alot more exciting had I not opened with it huh?) 

They gave him some antibiotics, (the first he has EVER had) and ordered a chest x-ray for in the morning.  They gave him the yummy pink bubble gum flavored Amoxicillin. It is taking all that I have not to run to the fridge and chug the bottle. I used to LOVE it when the Dr gave me that stuff. However, London would probably fight me for it. He loved it too and if you ask him if he needs some medicine he squeals a "yes" and runs to the fridge. Sad, but true. 

Besides all of that. Things have been great. My blog design business has really taken off and  been keeping me really busy. Which I LOVE!! I've designed a few new blogs recently that I am really proud of. Go check them out here.  And yes, I am going to take a sentence to whore myself out: I've still got a few spots open for my Grand Opening Special. $20 gets you a Complete Custom Blog Make Over. Which reminds me I need to get to work on my blog design "To-do list". 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

See right here is where I usually put up a picture of our Christmas card from this year. However blogging is not the only thing I have been slacking at this year. This year I will be sending out New Years Cards or at this rate Valentines Day cards. 

Anyway, Merry Christmas! I hope you all made the "Nice list" and Santa brings you everything you asked for. That is going to be a whole lot of BFP's he is going to have to deliver this year. :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


So...I have a little confession to make.

I have been busy during my most recent 5 day blog hiatus, but probably not from what you think I have been doing. Yes, I have been cleaning my house (only not really), yes I have been taking care of a almost 2 year old (OMG, where does the time go?) Yes, I have been enjoying my time with my husband (that is when I can actually get him away from his employer.) Basically I have been doing a whole lot of THIS (click on them to make them bigger)....

Oh and did you notice my new blog design??? If you are reading this via email or a reader, I will give you a little sneak peak of what I am talking about.

Yep, that is right. I started a little blog design business known as Bridge Work Blog Designs. I have always loved HTML, but I only recently got the design fever. I really enjoy doing it and figure it will give me something to do when I get pregnant and can no longer drink wine at night hahaha!! Ahhh, Oh how I am going to miss my wine if/when I do get pregnant again. (Side note: Am I the only infertile who LOVES it when someone refers to ME potentially getting pregnant as "getting knocked up" it makes it seem so natural and...well, accidental. Just the idea of being "normal" makes me secretly smile inside:)

Anyway, back to my confessions. I started a little blog design business so I suggest ALL of you go check it out. Keep in mind that the website is still under construction. It's weird I can usually whip out a blog design in no time but it took me 3 days to redo this one. It seriously took FOREVER!! I love the finished product though. This was however blog version #5 so be on the look out for #1-4 in 2011. :)

Right now I am offering a really sweet Grand Opening Special over at Bridge Work Blog Designs. You should all  go check it out.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My life has been taken over by Thomas the Train.

More importantly, Christmas has been taken over by Thomas the Train.

London is going to have a huge Christmas this year. Trust me it's nothing that we have done. I am all about spoiling my child. Hell, I paid the big bucks just to bring him into this world. Could that possibly be considered spoiling him? My family is the ones spoiling him this year. Did I mention he is the youngest (and most fun) of all of my nieces and nephews. The others are all interested in video games or clothes. London is still fun, so everyone in my family has decided to spoil him. 

My entire family is planning to come to my house and spend the night for Christmas Eve/Day. For those who don't know me, I am the 4th of 5 kids. All of my siblings, except my lil bro, have husbands and wives and kids of their own. So I have 10 people coming to stay with us for Christmas and I AM PUMPED!! It will be just like Christmas back in the day when I was growing up. There will be no Cabbage Patch Doll's but I'm hoping Santa will bring at least one My Little Pony for my 7 year old niece. 

London is obsessed with Thomas the Train right now. If I hear "choo choo" one more time it is completely possible that my head will explode. When I wake up in the morning the first words I hear over the monitor is ALWAYS "choo choo." He can't remember the color red but he can distinguish the difference between Thomas the Train and Chuggington. Thomas = "Choo Choo" while Chuggington = "no no no no". He is obsessed with the Chuggington  theme song though. It might as well be 1 AM at a NYC dance club every time that song comes on. "Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga Chuggington" but I digress. 

What is London getting for Christmas? 

From Aunt Lori

Choo Choo Train Table (again Aunt Lori)

I can't find a picture. Envision this as a  Thomas the Train bike.
(Finally something from Mike and I)

Thomas the Train Flashlight
Oh and the Follow Me Thomas too. (He follows that flashlight all around the floor, oh and this is Aunt Lori again)

Don't Forget the Thomas Bath Tub Toys
Come on we all need a break from Thomas the Train every now and then. 

He is getting a lot of other cool stuff too, but these are the main things. I had to tell my sister Lori that she was not allowed to do anymore shopping. However even after I said that she managed to find him Thomas the Train Christmas Pajama's. She is a crazy, I can't stop her!!

Thankfully, I finally finished Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews. Christmas is finally ON at our house. The tree is up and Christmas has been bought, bring on the fat man in the red suit because I AM READY!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finally some IVF news!

Well it has been a while since I have written anything on here. Things went from really boring to super busy in the last week. Mike and I had our little pre-IVF weekend getaway in Charleston. The first night we were on our own and went to dinner and a movie and the second night was his company party. The party was awesome and his company did a great job putting it together. There was that ONE wife who got way out of control though. She hit on Mike right in front of me. Her husband was sitting right there too, and he didn't say a word when she did it. I am not convinced they weren't swingers trying to bring us in on a little something. It was just weird, Weird, WEIRD!! Don't worry I let her know she had crossed the line, ok so I said a little lot more than just that, but she definitely got the point. Besides that, the weekend was great. It was way too short, but really relaxing and much needed. My favorite part was randomly taking a nap in the middle of the day. Not a planned nap either, it was the kind of nap where you just happen to fall asleep watching TV and wake up whenever you feel like it, not when you hear a little voice through the baby monitor.  IT WAS GLORIOUS! Now onto the infertility front, I finally have something to write about.


Yes after 6 months of waiting, they finally gave me some dates. I was a little disappointed by them.. I guess my RE's office is not doing a real January cycle after all. I will take my last birth control pill on January 31st, then start my stims (shots) on February 6th. Tentative ER scheduled for February 16th. Beta (blood pregnancy test) March 3rd, And if all goes well a November 9, 2011 DUE DATE!!! 

It's going to be one crazy 2WW. My 30th birthday is February 26th and London's 2nd birthday is February 28th. Yes, I will be taking a ton of pregnancy tests during that time. Starting at probably 7dp3dt which was the first day I got a faint line last cycle. Fingers crossed for a great birthday present for BOTH of us this year. 

I better get going I have a lot of stuff to get done today. First up, cleaning up and unpacking from the weekend.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

New Blog Friday- Alissa

This week I am featuring Alissa over at Miss Conception.

Here is a message from Alissa:

Hello fellow bloggers!  
My name is Alissa and I am Infertile. There, I said it. I am not happy about being a member of this group, but I   am   proud to be.
I have found so many amazing women by simply reaching out to blog space and asking for a few ears to listen to my struggles and joys. Starting a blog has been a blessing in many ways, but the people and the support I have gotten has really been the highlight of this hard year. I write for many reasons: my love of the written word, to use as a journal for venting, and to stay connected to those out there who can relate. Because, to be honest, not many people in my life  can  relate. 
My husband and I met in high school and managed to stay together through many personal changes and long distance, and because of that, have built a very strong relationship. We got married after many years together (about time!) and subconsciously went about doing things in the "right" order. We finished school, moved in together as a married couple (not that we have any problem with pre-marital cohabitation), acquired the trial puppy, and moved to a duplex with an extra room.  
First comes love, then comes marriage, then period many times over.
Yep, infertility struck when we had finally decided it was the perfect time for babies. We had been together a long time by now (10 years) and we had done some of the things you would want to be able to do as a single couple. In our minds, it was time to spread the love. After a year and a half of test after test, ultrasounds galore, 4 rounds of   fertility medication , and one IUI, I am no closer to being a mommy than I was when I was on birth control. PCOS has really done a number on my body and state of mind. I won't go into all the symptoms or the not-so-amazing side effects of Metformin, but to say that it's been quite a ride so far.  
There have been excited highs and bitter lows along the way. I am perpetually stuck in a waiting game that hasn't yet given me the news I so long for. I know it's a matter of time and patience and I am willing to give that, but I would be lying if I didn't say that I believed it was time for me. That I have given myself every possible advantage and done everything the doctors have told me I should do, and feel that I would be able to give a child a good home. It's MY time to feel the kick of a growing child and to experience the love that only comes from parenting...I truly believe it's time. So to know this with all your heart and to be let down each cycle has taken a toll.
I know that I will continue on because that is my nature. I know that I am going to find a way to conceive   somehow.  I just don't quite know how to deal with all the setbacks as they come hurtling toward me. That's where my husband excels and that's where you come in. I am thankful to have you on my side and to know I am not alone in this. In a time so full of uncertainties, I can at least believe in that.
You can visit me over at   - I love meeting new friends and would be grateful for words of encouragement and a little distraction.

Infertily yours, Alissa

Go visit her blog and show her some support by leaving a comment and/or becoming a follower as she just recently got a BFN on her last cycle. :( Unfortunately we have all been there too?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Underachieving at Blogging

I wish I had a million things to say right now, but I don't. Life is pretty boring and I have been totally failing at blogging recently. Well actually I have been failing at a lot of things recently. I have yet to buy a single Christmas present for anyone besides London. Anyway...I just deleted a sentence 50 times because it was stupid so I'm afraid this blog is gonna have to wait a little while longer before getting another post.

Maybe tomorrow I will find some inspiration. Come on people, give me a break. The Birth Control phase of IVF is never exciting. I'm doing the best I can.

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Blog Friday- Heather

This week I am featuring Heather over at: The Road Less Traveled.

Here is a message from Heather:

Hi everyone! My name is Heather and I'm very excited to be featured on this week's "New Blog Friday!" I have a pretty unique background, I was adopted when I was 3 days old and grew up inParaguaySouth America. I spent 16 years there before returning to the United States for college in Montana. Most of my family is in Omaha, Nebraska, however I felt the need as the oldest to "rebel" and get as far away from my family as I could! I went to college in Montana and looking back, I was either really, really crazy or very brave. I had no family there and no car and being in the United States was a huge adjustment. Anyways, DH and I met and were best friends for the first two years of college. We finally got together and got married about a month after we both graduated. We ended up getting jobs in Wyoming and have been here every since!  
DH and I are also both teachers! I teach 5th grade and really enjoy it. I have a very hyper class of 19 and they keep me on my toes daily! DH teaches music so in the same building, so we are really lucky to get to see each other during the day. We have been married almost 4 years now and I am amazed and how fast the time went by and how much closer we have gotten. 

We started our TTC journey in May 2009. I remember how excited I was when I threw out the BCP and we were finally trying to start a family!!! I have always wanted to be a mom and have kids so I of course thought this would be easy. Fast forward til now (year and a half later), I have officially been diagnosed with PCOS. I am taking Femara and FSH (CD 8) so hopefully I have a big follicle ready to trigger sometime after Christmas. I still have yet to ovulate since we first started TTC so that has been frustrating. 
DH and I also have 2 wonderful fur babies named Tugger and Teagen. They are super cute! Some days if we drive by our house, you can see them laying in the front window looking out, waiting for us! 

I originally started out reading people's blogs on IF. I was so curious about what experiences others were facing, but I never felt brave enough to start a blog myself. When I finally did, Aly was the first person to follow me. I was so thankful she did because it has encouraged me to branch out and make new friends. Also, it has been a wonderful opportunity for me to vent and not feel alone in this. I appreciate all the advice, comments, and support I get and am SO thankful I started a blog. You ladies are amazing! 

I will leave you with our wedding pictures. 

Go check out Heather's Blog by clicking HERE.
 Go leave hersome encouragement as she struggles against Infertility by leaving a comment and/or becoming a follower .   It's always nice to have someone to lean on. 

Would you like to have your blog featured on New Blog Friday?