Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guess what Santa brought London for Christmas?


Ok maybe Santa didn't bring it but London definitely has it. 

Things started GREAT on Christmas. London had a great time and got WAY WAY WAY too many toys. Trust me I don't even have room in my house for everything. My mom popped up and bought London this

It's funny we all though he was going to stroke out with excitement when he saw it wheel out of the back room. So we made the executive decision to save it for last so he would actually open all the rest of his present before abandoning ship for the rest of the day. Boy were we wrong! All of the things that we thought were going to be a HUGE hit were just mediocre in his eyes. 

His favorite item of the day? This random race car set that my Dad got him off QVC. To my Dad's credit it is pretty freaking cool. London has yet to put it down. 

At the end of this post I will upload few pictures from the big day. 

The day after Christmas, IT SNOWED!!  We live in South Carolina so 1.5 inches is a HUGE deal for us. I swear the city just about shut down. It was almost humorous, but being a southerner myself I had ZERO room to laugh. I was too scared to even drive that day hahaha!!

Fast forward to Monday, London started coming down with a run of the mill cold. No biggy. A pack of boogie wipes, a box of tissues, and a stash of infant Tylenol and we were R-E-A-D-Y! My sister called to tell me that her boys (who were at my house all weekend) had some sort of flu like virus and one was running like 105.0 fever. G-R-E-A-T!! 

Yesterday I decided to take him to the Dr as a preventative measure.He had what appeared to be a nasty cold but I didn't want to wait around for it to get worse. I told him about my nephews, but his diagnosis...the common toddler FUNK. Which, according to him, is one step above a cold but one below the flu. We walked out with a "pop pop" and a sticker and were on our way back home. We made a short stop at CVS where I got this beauty. I have wanted one of these for a while and figured this would be perfect timing to pick one up. My Dr even verified that he has one at home for his kids. He also said it is always with in 0.5 of a degree from a rectal temperature. And who want's to do that 20 times a day which is how obsessed I am about London's temperature right now.

Fortunately I bought it when I did, but unfortunately I had to use it today. Within 24 hours we were back at the Dr's office. London woke up with a 104.0 fever. I seriously almost freaked out. This morning the Dr noticed that he was struggling a bit to breath. I forgot what they called it but both nurses and the Dr made me pick up his shirt so they could watch his stomach and chest while he was breathe. Poor London, had it been St Patrick's day in Savannah he would have had quite a few beads after that appointment. 

The diagnosis: Pneumonia! 
(humm that would have been alot more exciting had I not opened with it huh?) 

They gave him some antibiotics, (the first he has EVER had) and ordered a chest x-ray for in the morning.  They gave him the yummy pink bubble gum flavored Amoxicillin. It is taking all that I have not to run to the fridge and chug the bottle. I used to LOVE it when the Dr gave me that stuff. However, London would probably fight me for it. He loved it too and if you ask him if he needs some medicine he squeals a "yes" and runs to the fridge. Sad, but true. 

Besides all of that. Things have been great. My blog design business has really taken off and  been keeping me really busy. Which I LOVE!! I've designed a few new blogs recently that I am really proud of. Go check them out here.  And yes, I am going to take a sentence to whore myself out: I've still got a few spots open for my Grand Opening Special. $20 gets you a Complete Custom Blog Make Over. Which reminds me I need to get to work on my blog design "To-do list". 


Kakunaa said...

Awww :( Poor London! Glad he is enjoying the medicine! So...what about you guys...are you at risk???

Herding Chaos said...

haha i probbaly faked ear aches when i was a kid just because i loved that stuff so much! i think i saved all the dosing spoons and used them for drinking like milk or something not as fun...

hope he feels better soon!!!!

Lora said...


I'm so sorry he is sick! Its always good when they want to take the medicine though. so much better than fighting them with it and getting pink splattered walls!

If I hadn't JUST had my blog redone I would SO ask you to do it, your stuff looks great!

Jody said...

Poor little guy! It seems like everyone's kiddos got sick over Christmas this year, mine included. I hope London feels better soon!

I also have the temporal thermometer and I LOVE IT! Its so easy and accurate.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh no!!! That's rough, I hope he gets better soon!

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