Monday, January 3, 2011

PAID...In Cash!!

It's ON!!!  
Today I paid, in cash, for my IVF cycle. As excited as I am about my next cycle and potentially having another baby by this time next year, it was so hard to part with all that money.
This is the very first picture of my future child. 

This was London's very picture for those of you who were not reading my blog back in June 2008 (which pretty much includes all of you except for my Mom and Mother in law.)

(Yes, that is a LOVE SEAT that my medications are covering. And yes the date on the picture is wrong. )

 I'm doing IVF again. 

 I could possibly be pregnant by my 30th birthday 
(February 26th, so you better start shopping NOW)!!! 

How am I going to handle London and being pregnant? 
Hell, how I am I going to handle London and a new baby? 

Tonight, none of that matters. 

Tonight, I am officially an IVF patient. Sure my cycle has been on the books for 7 months now, but now...



Heather said...

Yay! How exciting for you! It's amazing you paid cash for this, way to go!

Erin said...

WWOOOOOO!!!! Come on Baby #2!!!!

WannabeBabyMama said...

Congrats! Just read the news on Twitter! I'm still in the saving and dreaming process.. Good luck:)

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

sooooo excited for you!!

Ashley said...

Good luck!! You must be so excited! I hope you get lucky and get a baby with your only try!!

Momma Bee said...

Lucky lady!!!

I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you!!! && saying a couple prayers!!


Joci said...

Remember how I told you I love you triple the other night....well for a brief second I thought about replying and saying let's go triplets...then I thought about how your blog site name may change to AAA for the Infertility Overachiever! It's all simple...I will take London and you can have the new baby/babies! Love you and where can I get my husband one of those cash makin' businesses?

waiting and wishing said...

Yay! I hope everything goes well for you!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I am so excited for you and your family.

Shawna said...

Yay!! congrats. I am in my first and only IVF cycle now. Start my injections on Thursday. I have been a follower for awhile and I am excited to read your blog as we both go through this journey.

Lauren said...

I'm so excited for you! Good luck!

Unknown said...

So excited for you guys! We miss seeing you around! Good luck!!!

Kat said...

EXCITING! Good luck!

Kakunaa said...

You made such a pretty layout! LOL.

Here we go, time to make London a brother or sister :) So excited!

stacey said...

How exciting! I'm getting ready for a FET for baby #2. C'mon REs, get us pregnant!!

Stacie said...

So excited for you and the fam, I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!!

Lauren said...

HOORAY!!!! You're on your way!!!!

Three Cats and a Baby said...


Tillie said...

I'm so excited for you!!!!! Yay for paying in cash!!! and wow that's a LOT of medicine!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoo hooo!!! How exciting! Keeping my fingers crossed #2 is on his/her way!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

AWESOME!!! Lucky girl!

Well we'll have something in common... I just did my first IVF, got pregnant, and my 30th birthday is Jan. 10! We both get very memorable bdays!

Congrats on getting started again. I am going to be interested to see how it is to do IVF with a baby, for when we try for #2 :)

Lora said...

Congratulations!! Some day your future kid is going to LOVE that picture, lol! WIshing you guys all the best, you make basically the cutest babies ever so you are really only doing the world a favor by having more. We should pay YOU! :)

Cherbear said...

wow cash?! Way to go, girl!!

Moe said...

I LOVE the picture of you with all that cash in your hand. It cracks me up. :)

Good luck with this cycle. I hope it's a fabulous one for you. Woooo. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a BFP (and maybe a little morning sickness....).

KG said...

Hey Aly it's Kimmie from New Years! I finally started a blog! Good luck on Baby #2 that looks like some pretty intense meds there!

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