Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's almost October

...and I'm supposed to be doing IVF. Well at least that was the original plan. Unfortunately we have to wait until January though because of the way our insurance works. I shouldn't complain, I know we are extremely lucky to have insurance that covers IVF. I still sometimes wish  that I was Celine Dion or any other infertile woman who's never even had to consider the financial aspects of IVF. I want my health, both physical and mental, to be the only factors in when we schedule our next cycle. I want another baby, is that to much to ask? Apparently it is. In the words of my very southern and wise father,

"Put want in one hand and shit in the other. Now see which one fills up first."

I have never actually tested this theory, but I am going to guess that the hand filled with shit will fill up first. 
That's just a guess though, let me know if any of you preform this little experiment. I am definitely going to need pictures. 

So the reason we are waiting is because our insurance deductible rolls in January. On our insurance plan, my yearly max out of pocket is $1700. Anything above $1700 is covered at 100% (instead of the usual 80%). So everything resets in January. 
If we did get pregnant from IVF, we would have to pay another $1700 in January for the pregnancy/labor and delivery. And if IVF didn't work, we would have to pay another $1700 in January to do another cycle. 
If we just want until January we could potentially only have to pay $1700 out of pocket for an entire year, thus covering everything.

I know this is the smart "grown up" decision and it will be for the best, but the cranky bratty 7 year old inside me wants to scream...

"But I don't wanna wait"

and then stomp out of the room. 

Ok...end rant and whining session. 


Michelle said...

That is a really smart decision, but feel free to stomp around if that makes you feel better. Just stop short of drawing on the wall in crayon. :)

Summer Athena said...

don't even get me started. i just put 10k and change on our credit card. we had 25K towards IVF but that was wasted at Cornell for the first 4 rounds. :( Man oh man.

Kakunaa said...

Stomp away. Our insurance only covered 1 IVF, and we are stil abot $4-5000 OOP. So take the smart road and stomp til then! HUGS

Erin said...

Yeah, it might be the wiser decision, but it still is sucky!

Jody said...

Wow! Yes, you are blessed with a wonderful insurance plan. Ours covers nothing as soon as we start any form treatment to help us get pregnant. But thank goodness for medical expense tax deductions, right? :)

However, feel free to whine and stomp around a bit cuz I definitely understand your emotions and impatience. When I'm feeling like that (and I currently am) I always seem to run into a friend who "just decided to TTC last month and they are already pregnant". I could just smack 'em!

Lora said...

You have every right to stomp around all you want. It sucks that insurance should dictate when you are "allowed" to get pregnant. It is the smart financial decision, but still a hard emotional decision. January will be here before we know it (I hope!)

Unknown said...

The smart path isn't always the easiest.

Project Baby said...

That is very awesome that your coverage pays. Great decision.

Lauren said...

Even though your insurance covers it, doesn't it suck that we must all make our decisions based around insurance? Even if they're covering it, they're still basically dictating life. I'm sorry you're waiting until January but it for sure is a great financial decision. You're a trooper to wait!!!!

Krissi said...

I felt the same way in Sept. 08when I had tried all that year to have a 2nd (with a fresh and frozen IVF that didn't work out) and I knew I needed a break but didn't really want to wait. But I decided I was really going to enjoy the holidays with my first daughter and not stress about TTC at worked and was the best thing for us because that January, we became pregnant with twins from another FET and they turned one yesterday!! ;-)

Krissi said...

That is too funny! I just commented here before reading your comment on my blog! Thanks for the love and for stopping by! ;-)

Unknown said...

I totally understand, I hate waiting too! It drives me up the wall!

JL said...

We're waiting until January or February, too, and that has everything to do with the crazy wait list at our clinic (and maybe a little bit that it's all out of pocket).

Waiting sucks, but I hear success is worth it!

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