Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Blog Design and IVF update!

I'm sure by now all of you have noticed my new Blog Design! My super, amazingly, ridiculously cute header was made by my very awesome friend Ashley from over at Ashbee Designs. I know what all of you are thinking "Aly, don't you own a blog design business, yet you are having some one ELSE design your blog?" The answer is yes and no. 

Allow me to explain.   Ashley has been one of my very best friends since middle school. She was in many ways my partner in crime through out high school, and she now a brilliant photographer and graphic designer. Through the years she has been my go to gal for pretty much everything. She's made my Christmas cards, shower invitations, and even London's birth announcements. A few weeks ago, after opening Bridge Work Blogs, I asked her for some professional help making custom characters for a blog header. I was amazed at how good she was at it. Yep, I hate her. :) She completely taught herself how to create custom characters on one random Wednesday night.  I had been working on it for WEEKS and couldn't figure it out. Anyway, one thing lead to another and she decided to open her very own design business. 

We are now working as a team to provide custom blog designs. I am still designing, but now my customers have the option of using her designs in my blog packages. It's really the best of both worlds. 

Come on people, she made custom sperm collection cups for my blog header. How awesome is that? I also have a belt of pregnancy tests and shots. Really, could she be any cooler? :)

The Giveaway!
The best part for all of you is that in celebration of her Grand Opening, she is giving away a Complete Ashbee Designs Blog Makeover.  It's VERY easy to enter, so I suggest ALL of you go right now and enter. This package is a $75 value. 

Now onto the IVF update! 
Things went well this morning. I don't know any specifics though. I'm really starting to hate how stupid my Dr's office thinks that I am. First it was a mystery level that required me to suppress for an extra day and now they won't tell me what my ovaries are doing. This morning after the ultrasound, I asked a very simple question. "So how many follicles do we have do far" The response: "It's not how many that we are worried about right now, it's more about the size." So I asked "OK how big are they?" The response: "You have a good number and they look good" WTF?!?! Seriously, it's not the launch code for a nuclear missile, it's my freaking ovaries!!! It's really NOT a secret!

They reduced my medicine down to 75iu of Follistim, 15 low dose HCG, and 10 units Lupron. For them to reduce my medication that much something much be going on. Oh and my ovaries are officially tender tonight, so that is exciting...kinda. 

My next appointment is Saturday morning at 9:45. I'm not leaving without specifics from that appointment. I don't care how many questions I have to ask to get something more than just "They look good." I want answers!!


a field of dreams said...

Yep sounds weird, it's like they are keeping a "secret" from you. Considering the cash you forked out, I think it gives you the authority to know what is going on with your body. Hope you get more answers at your next appointment.
P.S And again THANK YOU for my brilliant make over blog. If anyone is reading my comment, Aly is wonderful and patient and does exactly what you want for your design. Support a fellow IFer and WAHM!

Just Us & A Miracle Baby too! said...

You deserve to know! At all my appointments the doctor reads off the follicle sizes to the nurse as she writes them down so that's how I'll know, but if they don't say, I always ask. I remember one time, my lining had thinned out from the previous US and when the doctor read it off I blurted out "It can get LESS?!" He looked at me like I was crazy, haha. It's good to know but sometimes you can obsess over knowing the specifics, not sure which way is better. Either way, hope you find out and can't find for good news on Saturday!

Kerrik said...

Just wanted to mention that I love the new blog design, especially the sperm cups and fertility tool belt.

Jacksmom said...

What is the deal with them not just telling you flat out? My doc tells my nurse the sizes and she writes them down, and then he summarizes at the end how many we have. I would point blank tell them that they are your ovaries, your follicles, and you're entitled to specifics. So frustrating. Well, keep us posted!!!

Stephanie said...

First of all: LOVE the header! Too cute!

Second, sorry they're being so secretive. That's really strange... Good luck on Saturday. Hope you get your answers. Or, if you don't, let me know who's butt needs help being kicked ;)

Erin said...

Grow ovaries, grow!!!

Carlia said...

LOVE the new blog design! with talent like that, she's perfect to go into business with.

that's so weird that they won't tell you anything. it's not like it's a matter of national security or anything! good luck, though! hope to hear good news soon!

Kelly said...

Definitely weird that they are wanting to keep it a "secret". It's your body and you should know! Love the new blog design!

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