Monday, February 14, 2011

Trigger TONIGHT!

 And egg retrieval is on Wednesday morning :) :) :)

At this mornings ultrasound I had around 28 follicles. My Dr told me everything looked beautiful and that
I "have the ovaries of an egg donor." At first I thought she was trying to seduce me with sweet talk like that. But then I realized there was no need, she already had my pants off hahahaha.  I'm pretty sure I started to blush.

 A few of my follicles were too small and a few were too big to be "useful" but most were close in size. When we did IVF the first time we got 19 eggs and 17 were mature. I'm hoping for similar numbers this time. **FINGERS CROSSED**

Tonight at exactly 10:30 pm I have to give myself the trigger shot. I have NEVER given myself a intramuscular injection. I've done tons of sub-q injections that go in my belly, but never one that actually goes into the muscle. Last time, Mike gave it to me. This time at the magic hour, he will be at work. I am so not looking forward to this. Anyone have any advice for me? I'm going to ice it first so it won't hurt. I'm not really as worried about the pain as much as I am about screwing it up. See this is when I need to have a nurse friend (here in town). I also have to stay up till 10:30pm to do it. Don't they know that is past my bed time these days? :)

ER, here I come!!!


Just Us & A Miracle Baby too! said...

Wow! You have some awesome ovaries! I'm still slaggin' behind at 9mm and we started near the same day! Good luck with the trigger, wish I had some advice but I don't. Good luck with the ER!

Jacksmom said...

Thinking of you!!! Good luck with ER!

Lora said...

I hope it went well! I think you should have given yourself the shot by now, but I gave myself IM shots from 17-36 weeks during my last pregnancy. It. Freaking. Hurts. But, after a few weeks I got used to it. That probably doesn't help at all.

Anyways, LOVE YOU GUYS! If we still lived in the same town I would have brought over my mad Nurse skills and given you the shot myself.

DandelionBreeze said...

Great news... super-ovaries :)) Good luck with the trigger - with you on not liking the thought of giving myself an IM injection :(( Thinking of you for your ER xo

Stacie said...

I hope the shot went well last night and I've got my fingers crossed for you for Wednesday, how exciting!

Lauren said...

WOW those are some huge numbers! GOOD LUCK!!!

Kakunaa said...

I hope the trigger went alright! I lucked out and did not have to do any of my own IM shots. Good luck tomorrow morning!

Kerrik said...

Such beautiful ovaries. I hope mine also produce like champs. Best of luck with everything!

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