Saturday, July 18, 2009

Look what London learned how to do....

He uses his hands to balance like a tripod.

Sometimes he leans a little to far to the side. And sometimes he leans a little too far forward.
But most of the time he does a GREAT job.
Oh he also learned how to do this...

I will admit, we cheated a little on this one. He did not pull himself up into this position, but if you put him next to something he will hold on to it and try to balance. He does try to eat the table though. :)

I tried to take a really cute picture of London with his Daddy's dog. You know, something like this... But it ended up like this. HAHAHAHA Erin: Go ahead and add this picture to your list of things I said I would never do or let happen before I had kids. Oh, what is it they say about a dogs mouth being cleaner than a humans? Well at least that is what I keep telling myself HAHAHAHA.


Katie said...

Aw he's getting so big and strong!! Oh I know for sure my dogs at least Hazel will be licking our kids like crazy- she's all about kisses!

Erin said...

Wow! That is really impressive for a 4 month old!

And that is still on my list and has yet to be violated...however, it is only a matter of time :)

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