Friday, July 3, 2009

A post, and it's not all about London.

So the title says it all. When I first started this blog it was to keep my friends in family in the loop while we went through Invitro. Then it was all about my pregnancy, and now it is all about London. However I feel like after London was born I lost that little part of myself that I used to put into all of my blog entries. So I am going to take this post to update about my life (outside of being a mom).

1) As some of you know, We will be moving to Ft Huachuca AZ in Jan. It came as a TOTAL surprise for us. We didn't expect to leave here until Jan 2011, but in true army fashion they are sending us a year early. When the hubs first told me about this, I PANICKED! ARIZONA!?!?!? I'm a southern girl, I can't move anywhere that they don't make fresh brewed sweet tea daily. It's going to be just like when I used to visit NY and I had to repeat myself 20 times because they couldn't understand my "accent". Come on people, I'm from Georgia, not Scandinavia!! Although I doubt the Army will see this as a valid excuse. To truly understand my panic you have to know that we have 4 dogs, yep you read that right 4!!! We have a 8yr old bulldog, a 3 year old hound mutt mix, a 2 year old lab mutt mix, and a 16 year old 3.5 lbs teacup poodle. My first panic was that we would NEVER be able to find housing with that many dogs, and my second panic was that we would never be able to find someone to rent out the house we own here. We still don't know where we are going to live in AZ. Post housing only allows 2 dogs as do all of the apts in town. Thank goodness we have until Jan to figure this out. That little dilemma has helped us figure out how to rent this house out. The Answer: Allow 3 dogs to live here haha. As much trouble as we are having finding a place, a pet friendly house with a big fenced in backyard that allows 3 pets should be NO problem to rent out. I will probably be venting about this whole moving with 4 dogs and a baby VERY SOON :)

2) Babies, babies, and more babies. I know that London is still a baby and I DO NOT want to be pregnant again any time soon, and I guess that is the problem that I am having. When to start trying again? While we were trying to get pregnant the first time, we suffered from unexplained infertility. While doing IVF, they figured out the reasons (ask if your interested, but I'll spare the rest of you the details) So here is what we know. It is TOTALLY possible for us to get pregnant on our own, however it might take a little while and we might have a few miscarriages before we actually get another baby. We would like to get pregnant when London is about 18 months old. . We DO NOT want to do IVF again. I mean really who WANTS to go through IVF? I also don't want to get to the desperate point of misery while trying to get pregnant. So the obvious thing for us to do would be, well, nothing. Meaning not trying but also not preventing. This way if it happens, GREAT! and if it doesn't, No Biggy! However, I am scared to DEATH that when ever the hubs gets home that we would would defy the odds and get pregnant the very first time. AHHHHHHHH, I can not even fathom having another baby right now. On the other hand, I'm not getting any younger, and with the new move who knows where we will be when London is 18 months old. Mike might be away on another deployment, and this time it could be 12-15 months long. So, I'm sure you can all see my dilemma. Does anyone have a magic crystal ball that I can barrow to see how all of this turns out??

I'm going to make the rest of these short since I can hear my whinnier half starting to stir

3) One of my dogs (Leia) has learned to bark at the door when she wants to come in...or go out. Talk about annoying!!!

4) Think of every cuss word that you can, oh yes, even the compound cuss words. Now, I can PROMISE you that I have said all of them at least once over the last week. I tried to buy a CD burner so I can send Mike some videos of London. Well the first one took me a full day to set up before I finally quit and took it back. I came home with a new one that the guy at Best SWORE to me would work. 2 days later I finally got it to work, only to find out that it was not compatible with D.olby Digital sound. So it recorded the entire DVD with ZERO sound. UGH!!! I took that one back and they gave me a different one, that STILL DOESN'T WORK!!! I have now decided that it is not the burner that sucks so bad, but rather the STUPID STUPID STUPID program that came with it. Does anyone know of a good movie maker program that I can go buy?? Bonus Points if I can burn a DVD with one hand while the other hand is holding a baby!!

5)My husband is still gone and that makes me sad! :(

6)and last but not least, London is teething and pretty much screaming 24/7!! (see pictures below)

Ok I will leave you on that note. Thanks for reading my ramblings.


Katie said...

Hey! If we don't get Savannah for Regiment- we're hoping for Benning second and we know we want to rent off post so if we end up there- maybe you'd have potential renters! :)

There's never a perfect time to get pregnant in the military! blah! I'm sure we'll have a hard time deciding when to have more after we have our first!

Aw poor little man!

Courtney said...

Lame that you're having so many problems with the DVD burner. Did you buy one for your TV or computer? I have one for the TV (that works as a DVD player too) and it is awesome! It basically just acts as a VCR that records DVDs instead of videocassettes. Wish I was closer so I could hook something up for you! I'm kind of a tech nerd!

Good luck with everything else though! Good to hear how everything is going with you. :)

Erin said...

What a cute onesie that is :)

If I had a crystal ball, I would totally share it, but alas I don't. However, I bet you would totally get knocked up right away if you just "let it happen."

Anonymous said...

Wow, we have more in common than I realized! We too have 4 dogs. We have pitbulls and as great as they are and as much as we love them, it's not easy. Because of having 4 we also cannot live on post, and because we have pits we can rent anything. Our solution? We bought a house! We really didn't have much of a choice.

If you get a chance, email me about what you found out about what was the cause of your infertility. That's great that you should be able to have many more on your own! :)

The Mrs. in Stilettos said...

My friend is suffering from unexplained infertility and is a Marine Wife in Yuma, AZ and wants to try IVF in October but I was wondering what you found out in case it could possibly help her.

Becca said...

maybe once i get out to AZ i can help you with your housing dilemma? at least i'll be able to tell you more about the area!

we have friends who had a really hard time getting pregnant the first time, so when they decided to go for #2 they gave themselves a HUGE window.. and yup.. knocked up on the first try! HAHA. but, i guess it could be much much worse!

BSS said...

My husband and I just moved from Ft. Stewart to Ft. Huachuca, and I feel your pain. AZ isn't too bad, but it's definitely not GA. We rented a nice home through Remax and have a dog, but I'm not sure about the number of pets they allow. Hope that helps a little bit. The office we went through was also very military friendly. I can find the phone number for you if you'd like. When you do get here, please be sure to spray your house well for bugs. Let me know if I can help :O)

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