Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bridal Shower Help!

I think I may have mentioned this here before, but just in case I haven't...My BFF (aka: Crystal) is getting MARRIED!!! I am super stoked for her and kinda super stoked for myself too. I have been a bridesmaid 6 times over the last 10 years.  This time is different though. This time I am the Matron of Honor. I'm kinda sorta responsible for Crystal's shower. I'm am an "out of towner" though, so her family has really picked up my slack. This is the theme we picked for her shower. Crystal is the epitome of a "girlie girl", so nothing would suite her better.
Courtesy of Hostess Blog

Here are her invitations that were sent out weeks ago.

These were created by the very awesome and amazing Ashley Baumann. If you contact her she can make anything your heart desires. I LOVE HER!!!

 Her Mom found a baker in her super small southern town to make her cake. 
We are aiming for it to look a lot like this...

I got these plates today...
Cake Plates

Food Plates

I also bought black and white table clothes and hot pink runners.
 (no pictures of them as they are still wrapped up) 

Our center pieces are super simple vases with black rocks and one or two (or five) long stem calla lilies.
A little something like this...

But those are just the basic details. 
I need help!!!

Do any of you have a great ideas for a game to play at a Bridal Shower??? Crystal would love to play games at her shower but I am totally drawing a blank. Baby shower games...I'M YOUR GAL!! But I am pretty sure I've never played a single game at a bridal shower. That doesn't make it wrong. That just makes this shower unique. Thus making it PERFECT for Crystal!!

Also, do any of you have a shower favor that you have actually liked/used? I don't want to waste money on crap that you will throw away as soon as you walk out the door. I want to do something that will be fun and possibly even useful. Although fun is definitely better than useful. 

P.S.: I may have lied/left out a few details during this post. My BFF does occasionally read my blog (we talk everyday, so right behind my Mom she is usually always the second to know). I wouldn't want to give EVERYTHING away. It's very rare that she does read though, so please feel free to comment away. 

Thanks for your help!!


MTM said...

I have done presents bingo, and used this site to make the cards:

It automatically makes the cards for you and you print them out.

Unknown said...

they did one at my shower that was kind of cute. EVeryone gets blank paper plates, and holds them on top of their head with one hand. With the other, they have a pen, and they draw the bride's dream house as described by her. Winner is she whose picture is closest to what was described.

have fun!

Herding Chaos said...

We didn't really play any games, but my sister who planned/ran my shower had each guest write where they saw us as a couple 5 years down the road. Everyone put down their answers and they were all enclosed in an envelope (that I hope my sister hasn't lost), I should be getting them in two years.

Lauren said...

I did the paper plate/drawing thing, except we had to draw the bride in her wedding dress. It was a disaster! And it's amazing how many people decide to draw boobs.

Mrs. S said...

I just went to one yesterday! Two games I think are fun/easy are to print up a list of questions about the bride, the person to get the most right wins.

Ask all the guests to bring a pair of panties for the bride. Except, these panties should represent themselves in some way. Then put them out and the bride has to guess who's are who's and then she gets to keep them.

Not really a game, but it was super sweet. You pass around a blank sheet of paper. The first person writes one sentence about the bride, folds the paper slightly to cover her line up and passes it to the next person and so on until everyone has gone. Then it is read out loud like a poem. Yesterday people wrote sweet things like 'She lights up a room' and 'No one makes me laugh like X'.

Hope that helps! Sorry for the novel. :)

andrea said...

first - I LOVE planning stuff and this shower looks like it is going to be seriously beautiful. black/white/pink is a great combo with the modern patterns you are using.
AFA games - we did one where you set a kitchen timer during present opening and whoevers present the bride is opening when it goes off wins a prize! EASY!
AFA favors - I love me some bath and body stuff. Lotions/body wash/antibac stuff - you can get the tiny bottls from BBW with a little note "from X's shower to yours" or something equally corny!!

Lori said...

wedding dresses/veils out of TP

Patty Patterson said...

That's really pretty! At most of the showers I attnd they don't play games, so I can't think of any - but the cake is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Wow! Everybody gave really nice games. The ones I know are naughty fun. ;) Let me know if you're interested! --bex

Unknown said...

Bex: I would definitely be interested in hearing your games. Naughty or not!!! Email me at Aly at infertilityoverachievers dot com

Amber said...

Ooooo, that is going to be a GREAT shower!! I love everything you posted. As for games, I have no idea either. I've actually never been to a bridal shower - I don't think most people up here do them. :)

Momma on the Run said...

My girlfriend emailed my husband with a list of funny questions about him/us (what was his first pet, what is his favorite restaurant, where was our first kiss, what's his favorite sports team, what's the thing he does that he thinks annoys me the most) and kept it all secret from me. At the shower - she asked me the questions and I had to answer on the spot. For each one I got wrong I had to stick a piece of gum in my mouth. It was funny mostly to hear the answers I gave and the ones he gave (she read both) but also at the end (kind of like Chubby Bunny) I could barely talk!

The girls also bought little decorative paper bags from one of those party sites online and put a travel lotion and travel hand sanitizer from Bath and Body in them. It was sweet just for the guests to have something to take home that could actually be used.

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Love the pink and black!!! It's gonna be a beautiful shower!

~Happy ICLW~

Sierra said...

At one of my showers they split everyone in a few teams and gave them afew rools of toilet paper and the teams had to use it to make a wedding dress on their teammate then the bride to be picks the best dress and that team wins, it was cute. Also my mom showed me this that she got inside an invite once:
Spices, detergents, and gadgets galore, You have several dozen, b ut could still use more. If you could bring just one of these, Our bride to be You sure would please. So wrap it in tissue paper But your name do not tell, It's just a little something for her wishing well.
Can't wait to hear about and see pictures of the event as I sure it will be wonderful! XOXO

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