Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's a small world after all...

I'm not sure I announced this on here, but about a months ago I won a giveaway from A Yummy Mummy On A Pink Park Bench . I was so excited when I found out what I won. I have won a few things from blog giveaways in the past, but this was one of my personal favorites. 
This is what I won. 

The giveaway was sponsored by Patty, a professional photographer and owner of Artistic Images Photography.  

Patty was awesome. As soon as she contacted me, she asked if I wanted the Friendship picture or if I wanted our last name made out of her alphabet photos. I choose our last name, but because of privacy issues I can't share that one with you. Let me just tell you how AMAZING it is though. WOW!! I love it. Talk about perfect timing. We have this big brand new house and have been looking for some new decorations. This is perfect, and I can not express to you how much I love it.

OK so here is where it gets interesting. I am the owner of a yahoo group for Army Officer Wives. We have about 100 members, but compared to the Army Officer Community we are miniscule. I have met a lot of great women there, way to many to even list or link. One awesome lady that I met over there is  Heather at The Mcgriff Adventure. Her little girl Grace is only 2 months older than London, so needless to say I stalk her alot. :)  I know Heather pretty well, way more so that just blog friends. I have never personally met her, yet there is just something about the Army Officer Wives site that makes everything feel  so "personal". 

Back to the giveaway...

After winning the awesome Alphabet Art Photo, Patty informed me that she was familiar with my blog because her daughter reads it. Really?!? People read my blog?!?! There is no way that the military blog world, which I straddle anyway as my main blog topic is infertility, is that small.  She then tells me that her daughter is Heather at The Mcgriff Adventure. I stand corrected, it is possible that the blog world is that small. What are the odds that I win a blog giveaway from the mother of one of the 100 women who joined my little corner of the yahoo groups Army Officer Wives section?And one of the few women who I not only know from that site, but also from facebook and the blog world? And to top it off, someone I stalk on a daily basis?!? What are the odds? 

Regardless of the odds, those are the facts. Another fact: Patty is awesome, amazing, and basically just ridiculously kind. I received my package from her yesterday and not only did I find my giveaway prize but I also found this. 

How awesome is that?
 She made me a "London" print too! I love it and can not wait until I can hang it in his room. This was such a great surprise!

 Thank you so so so so much! I seriously almost broke into tears when I opened the package and saw this. Both of them are amazing, but when you send a hormonal infertile woman a portrait of her little miracles name, your are going to get tears EVERYTIME. I love surprises and this one was very special. You are the best! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Sonja said...

That is so cool, on so many levels!

Heather said...

I stalk you too ;-)

Amber said...

Those are amazing!! I would love something like that for our house. I'll have to check her stuff out!

(Another stalker here!) :)

Megan said...

What a small world!

I have to say, I LOVE our yahoo group, I've met wonderful people because of it!

Summer Athena said...

i love it! we have one with our last name and wedding date.

Thank you for stopping by the Baby Making blog. It means a lot. I was having a down day.

Where are you in ivf 2?

Mrs. S said...

That is amazing! I have been meaning to take letter photos for some time. I think this is just the motivation I need!


Amber said...

what a wonderful giveaway and what a small world

Moe said...

Awww that is so awesome!!! I love prints like that. And London's looks so cute. :)

Patty Patterson said...

You're welcome! I just stopped by wondering if they had arrived yet. I see that they made it! :-)

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