Friday, July 16, 2010

New Blog Friday- Amber

This week I am featuring Amber over at 

Amber is a infertile blogger who is now pursuing adoption. After two heart wrenching failed, or  "disrupted" adoptions (as she calls them), she continues on her journey to motherhood. I highly recommend checking out her blog, it is definitely worth the click (and follow too). 

Here is a message from Amber...

Hi folks! My name is Amber, I'm in my early 30's and I'm a fellow infertile! I'm also a new blogger. Well, new to public blogging, anyway. I've maintained a private blog for friends and family for quite some time, but a few weeks back I decided to go public in an attempt to meet some new friends that I can relate to. The people I have met so far are wonderful, and I look forward to meeting more!

I was born and raised in Alaska and have never lived anywhere else. I love it here and although I wouldn't mind trying the Seattle area on for size, Alaska will always be my home. As proof of how much I love this place, I offer you a picture of me standing outside in a tee shirt at -22°F! (Sorry for the picture quality, it's an old shot!)

I have been married to my wonderful husband for over six years, but we've been together for between eight and thirteen, depending on who you ask! We were friends for many years before we ever got together, but I'm glad we did. I feel very fortunate to have found my soulmate.

Unfortunately, when it was time to try for kids, we found out that I have PCOS. We did almost three years of fertility treatments, but never got pregnant. We never did try IVF, as no one in our state does it. In April 2008, we decided to pursue adoption. Since then, we have had two matches, however both birth mothers changed their minds. The first one (March 2009) changed her mind before leaving the hospital. The second one (March 2010) changed her mind after we had the baby for 14 days and we had to drive her 360 miles back to her birth mom and give her back.

Despite two 'disrupted' adoptions (a term I picked up from another blogger and much prefer to 'failed' adoption!), we remain hopeful that our baby will come home to us when the time is right. Waiting is not always easy, but we know that our time will come, so we just try to be as patient and as hopeful and positive as we can! Thankfully, we have two sweet little four-legged children that love us to pieces no matter what my ovaries do or don't do! Minnie and Tori are 6 year old female Chihuahua littermates.

In our spare time, hubby and I enjoy typical Alaskan things like camping, fishing and road trips. We're both computer geeks, avid readers and pretty big dorks! We are fortunate to be involved in the lives of several young kids, including friends' kids and our nieces, B and H, who were both born here but now live several thousand miles away. B is going to be 12 this year and H just turned 7! We love and miss them very much!

I'd love it if you would swing by my blog and say hello! I love meeting new people!

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