Sunday, July 18, 2010

A letter to my 20 Year Old Self!

I recently noticed that a few of my bloggy friends have done a post where they write a letter addressed to themselves at age twenty ( most recently MTM, over at My Front Porch Looking In). It really inspired me to do one of my own. Now all I need is for one of  you to create a time machine so I can actually mail this thing. Anyway here is is...

Dear Aly,

First off, YOUR HOTT! Quit obsessing about that tiny half inch of extra skin on your stomach that you think is a fat roll. It's just skin, NOT FAT! You look good and one day you will look back and wish you were that size again...but this is neither here nor there. Let get serious.

 By now you have met him. You know that short Puerto Rican man that you are dating? Well I hate to be the one to break it to you, but he is THE ONE. He may not be the tall dark and handsome guy that you dreamed of marrying, but trust me, you will NEVER regret it. Ok, so maybe you will...but we will get to that in a minute. He is young now. But trust me, he will grow up and into an amazing man, father, and husband. It is all going to work out. That first year of marriage is going to be HARD...ludicrously and sometimes even comically HARD. People always say that "the first year is the hardest", and you will have it harder than some others, but stick with it. You are going to want to leave at some point, but I promise things will get easier. He will change and so will you...eventually. You will never regret staying.

Stay close with your family. Your Mom is not NEARLY as dumb as you think she is. You will actually one day strive to be just like her. Tell her you love her more often.

Wear sunscreen.

Stay close to Crystal and Jonnie, they are good people, some of the best. They will eventually know you better than anyone else. But trust me, they keep a secret! :)

 Hang on to Biz, Argh, James, and Joci. Those relationships will be strained at some points, but they knew you before you were famous (Sorry if I got your hopes up there. You're definitely not going to be famous, unless there is something that I don't know yet.) They knew you way back when, and have been there from the beginning. Those are the people you want to keep in your life.

ENJOY SAVANNAH!! One day you will have to move away and you will miss everything about HOME. I know you think there is nothing to do in the S-A-V, but when you move you will be able to think of a thousand things that wish you could do if you were only back home. Go to the beach more (while wearing sunscreen of course.)

Take your nieces and nephews to the park. They will grow up way to fast. Next thing you know they will have cell phones and be talking about dating. Enjoy them while you can still put them in time out.

This last one is pretty important so please listen when I tell you this, trying to have a baby is not going to be easy . It's not at all like they told you in health class, sometimes it does take more than "just one time". Sometimes it actually takes more than, 24 times. In your case it will take a ton of infertility meds, a cold table, a set of stirrups, and a man who is not your husband (don't worry, he is a Dr.). IT WILL HAPPEN THOUGH. You will have a baby and he or she (gotta keep you guessing) will be amazing. You won't ever look back at infertility fondly, but you will eventually look back and be grateful because of the unbelievable miracle you were given.

The next 10 years all work out for the best in the end. So sit back, relax ,and enjoy the ride.

Yourself at almost 30 years old!

P.s. Your 21st birthday party is coming up soon. Don't take the tequila shots! They will only make you sick, and haunt your dreams for years to come!


Deanna said...

Great letter to yourself.... and a great idea! I love it!

Jeannette said...

That is so funny!
I have an award for you.

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