Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome ICLW and a Blog Award!

Welcome ICLW.  If you don't know what that is. Click the little box below to read all about it.


IComLeavWe: Join the Conversation

Usually for IComLeavWe I do a whole post reviewing who I am. This time I am going to do things a little differently. You can click on the "About Me" or "Our IF Journey" links above if you want more details.  

Jeanette over at A Hippo with a Headband  gave me my very first blog award.
 So a big THANK YOU to Jeanette!

The Rules:
1: Share Seven Facts about yourself.
2: Give the award to 5 other Lovely Blogs.

So I decided that listing 7 facts about myself would be a perfect way to introduce myself to ICLW.  

1) My favorite movie is Vanilla Sky and my husband and I watch it every year on our anniversary. 
The runners up are Notting Hill and Grease 2 (yes I like 2 way better than the original). 

2)My husband and I have made of list of Sex-ceptions. You know people who you are allowed to have sex with if the situation arises. We each get two. Mine are Gerard Butler and Ryan Reynolds. 

3) I have a total obsession with socks. Not like fun or fancy ones, but basically just your run of the mill white gym socks. Hanes is my brand of choice. There is just something magical about the way it feels when you put on a pair of new socks. 

4) My favorite book in the entire world is A Heart Breaking Work of Staggering Genius By Dave Eggers. You have to read it. Go get it now. Go ahead run to the book store, I'll wait. :)

5) I will be doing IVF #2 in the Oct-Nov time frame. I picked the date based around some things that we had going on in Aug and Sept. But I am so super excited, that I  kind of wish I could do it sooner.

6) I love white wine and HATE red! White Zin is my favorite "go-to" drink.

7) I have an unatural obsession with olives. So much so, that London now has the same obsession.

Now... I am a bit of a cheater so the original rules for this awards said I needed to give it to 9 people, but that seemed like a lot. So I changed it to only 5. I hope they don't revoke my award. 

So on to the people I want to give The Lovely Blog Award.
Blogs that you NEED to check out:

Lora at My Camo Kids
Sierra at Life's Little Moments.
Erin at The Unexpected Army Life
Char at Pills & Pushups
Heather at McGriff Adventure

Go check them out.


Michelle said...

I love your new look! And there is NOTHING like the feeling of brand new socks. It's like my feet are getting a hug.

Marianne said...

LOL! My son had olives and bread and watermelon for breakfast. I thought it was because he's Greek, but I guess not after reading your post!

Lora said...

I like the new blog look too! Thanks for giving me a Lovely Blog Award! You rock :) I guess I should go post about it!

Unknown said...

I love Notting Hill "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me"

ICLW #30

Christa said...

Gerard Butler is a complete hottie! I wonder if my husband would let him be a Sex-ception. If not then I've got Phantom of the Opera on DVD


Unknown said...

I feel so loved! Thanks :) Maybe now that I'm done studying I'll actually have an interesting life!

~stinkb0mb~ said...

I hope your next IVF is successful for you.

I'm a white wine drinker too - one glass of red and I'm anyones.


Anonymous said...

I love your number 2!! I would totally go with Gerard too!! And his butt in Law Abiding Citizen was delicious!!

Thanks for the visual!! Now Im smiling!

Happy ICLW!

Liddy said...

Wishing you the best for your next IVF.

An ICLW Visit from #107 (mfi, speedskating, strength)
liddy @ the unfair struggle

Ashlee G. said...

mmm Gerald Butler. Delicious choice!

Happy ICLW! #50

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Mmmmmmmmm Gerard Butler I love that gorgeous man

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